200 days

200 days. Seems so far away. dare I say it….we are leaving to embark on a new adventure. A joke between us, became a dream and after a few weeks/months of talking about it is becoming a reality. We are leaving April 1, 2013 in an RV with our daughter, Zoe Mae  to start out west and travel the country for one year. The travel log will be our unique roadmap and journal for everything we experience including the harsh reality of living on the road and all the beautiful things we can discover. Derek will remain employed and work remotely for his company and I will resign from my chemical sales job to become the family travel planner and take care of our daughter. We have started our  TO DO List, completed our budget for the road and we will start looking for a RV this weekend.  Everyday we both spend majority of our free time looking at RVs, talking about RVs and researching RVs. I hope that we can find our mobile home in a month or so. I think once we have that purchased, there will be no turning back. I often fantasize about what life will be like on the road. What will Zoe and I do during the day? How many friends and family can we actually see? Will I ride my bike more? Will Zoe adjust to  life on the road? All questions that can only be answered if we take the plunge into fulltime RVers.

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