196 Days

We bought it! Our new home for the next year (or more)! After much researching, many nights watching youtube videos, reading reviews, looking through craigslist, multiple RV dealerships, we bought our new travel trailer. So now it seems more real than ever that we are leaving. Now can we wait the 6 whole months before we finally get to leave? WE still have so much to do on the “TO DO” list that it can be quite overwhelming. Here are the reasons why we chose this travel trailer over anything else we saw on the market.

First, we had full intentions on buying used, but after the great deal we got, we realized for an extra $1000-2000 we had a brand new trailer with a 2 year warranty. Anything goes wrong, we go right into a Jayco dealership and they will fix it. Since we are trying to get on the road ASAP, we did not want to waste time doing projects to get an older RV up to date.

Secondly, when we first started this process, I thought we would get a motorhome over a travel trailer. But after all the research we decided this was a better option for our family right financially. If we need to upgrade later on, than we will. But as of right now, this is what makes the most sense and the quickest way to get on the road.

Thirdly, Derek needs an office space. With him working remotely and a by the time we leave Zoe will be a toddler, we really needed a “space” that Derek could utilize for just working. So when we saw that the Jayco Swift had a bunkhouse, we knew this small area could be converted into his new cubicle with some modifications. After the modification I will post some pictures.

Lastly, I wanted some extra floor space for Zoe and I. With her walking soon and me doing the majority of cooking, I wanted our living are to be more than the small walkway that was in the original travel trailer we were going to get. I will let you know after a few months of traveling full-time if that was needed. I have read that the main mistake people make when picking out their RV, is thinking they need more space.

We are picking up the travel trailer in the morning near San Antonio, now we need to pick out a name for our new home.

More importantly we are one more step away from living OUR dream.

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