195 Days

We picked up our new home yesterday and brought it to our soon to be old home. We were almost as nervous as the day we brought home our daughter, Zoe Mae. (that was a 3 block drive from the hospital to our house, the RV had to make it home 65 miles)

I can not tell you how great this feels to be making this huge change in our lives. 6 months seems so far away and I think if we can get the cards lined up correctly we may be out of our sticks and brick house sooner than what we had originally expected. Maybe. We have told the majority of our friends and family and here are some the responses we have received:

Why? I think the main motivation as to why I want to do this is, we want to spend more time with each other, with Zoe and with our family and friends, while visiting some pretty kick ass places. Derek’s WHY is probably a little different than mine) Derek gets 5 weeks of vacation and I get two from my company. The past couple of years we have struggled as to where to go on vacation, who to see and when we should go. Because of our off balanced vacation days we have a limited time where we can go. With higher airfare;  not enough vacation time; our family being in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama; it always seems like we spend our “vacation” going to see family in a rush extended weekend.

Where are you going? Everywhere, but we do have some sort of plan. Head West to California first, drive up the coast of California to see friends, spend the summer in Canada, come back down to the states to see friends and family in Colorado, Missouri and Kansas.(be there for Zoe’s Birthday) Head to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, Alabama for Christmas and head to Florida for the winter to hang out with my childhood friend Melissa. Who has been begging me to come see her for 10 years! Once it warms back up head up the east cost and end this trip in Maine. A state that I have loved since I spent the summer there as a camp counselor. I wonder if Camp Laurel will let me be a guest counselor in the Summer of 2014.

What about all your stuff? See that is the thing, it is just STUFF! AS long as I have Zoe and Derek, clothes on my back, food in the pantry and some shoes to get around, the rest is just stuff. Stuff we do not need. Yes, there will be somethings we can not part with, pictures, old grandmothers things, etc that we will just have to get a storage unit to hold this STUFF. (If I had it my way, we would get our most prized possessions down to a few boxes and ship them to our parents house for the year.) A storage unit is a reoccurring cost each month and if we do not decide to settle back down in Austin, we have to come down to Texas and get that all figured out.

I have to keep remembering is that we have a lot of things we still need to get done and we will need some time to get it done. I have read multiple blogs of other families that are doing this exact project and one family I found decided to do it in 2 months!

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