188 Days

Took the RV out for the first time this past weekend and let me tell you we had such a great time doing it! I thought we were going to be setting the trailer up for hours, turns out it took us about 30 mins total. We stayed our first night at Jelly Stone Park in Canyon Lake, Texas. This was a great park for us first timers and it gave Zoe and I a lot to do while Derek was tinkering with the RV or taking a nap. (That’s all he wanted to do on this trip was take a nap in our new tiny home) Fine by me, gave Zoe and I some time to check out the pool. We only stayed one night and wanted to stay close to Austin for our first trip out. Next trip in a few weeks, Inks Lake Texas. We haven’t been here since taking Zoe for her first camping trip  last year when she was 5 weeks old.

Some thoughts about our tiny home after our first night

1. We were originally going to do some major modifications to the RV. First we were going to take out the bunks to make Derek an office area, that has been changed due to the fact how much we really enjoyed having the bunks as a retreat place. Zoe took some naps in the bunkhouse and Derek and I hung out in that are after Zoe went down for the night. (We are co-sleepers, which could probably be a whole other blog post just about this) The other modification we were going to make because we are co-sleepers is making room for a King size bed. We realized that if we did this, we would lose a ton of storage which will be very important when we are on the road full time.

2. We need some color in that RV. Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love bright colors and boy do we need some spice in that RV. Too neutral for my taste, however I am having such a hard time in trying to figure out what colors to bring into such a small space. I know, first world problems.

3. We have a many details to work out before we begin full timing. Although I have a sinking feeling that we will be out of our sticks and bricks house in the next few months, before we launch off cross country. After doing some research, we have found that we could live very inexpensive at an RV park in Austin and save more money before we leave.

On a side note, check out this article from CNN. “Tiny homes hit the big city” I feel like ever since we have decided to down size, live in a simpler space everything around me is screaming “YOU NEED TO DO THIS.”I look around my house and all I see is clutter, things that need to be cleaned and stuff we do not need. My goal is to get this downsizing process started October 21. The day after my daughter’s first birthday party. This will be the day we start down sizing and start working towards our life as nomads. Next Post: Can I downsize to 100 items?

2 thoughts on “188 Days

  1. Bill Greenwade says:

    Hi – I am Ranger Bill who was workamping at Jellystone when you stayed there. We are at Loyd Park in Grand Prairie, TX now, waiting on our first grandbaby to arrive. Nice blog! Glad you are enjoying the lifestyle.

    • roadmaptonomad says:

      Hello Ranger Bill! Glad you found us, I have been following your blog too. I can not wait to see pictures of your first grandbaby! We are enjoying it so far, just wished it would warm up a bit.

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