179 Days

Geez I am ready to go now. The impatient person in me wants to get everything figured out in a month and leave. But realistically, we need more time. How long do you think it will take to sell everything, clean out a whole house and hit the open road? I think 3-6 months is a realistic time frame, Derek thinks we could do it in a month or less. There are a few responsibilities that are keeping us in Austin at least until the first part of the year.  Plus, we are starting to have great weather in Austin and it would be a shame to leave 50 degree weather. Another reason why we are waiting until April.

On a side note, our daughter, Zoe Mae’s first birthday is in a couple of weeks. Telling people not to get her gifts because we will just have to get rid of them, you would have thought I told them I was kicking their puppy. Our obsession with things has gotten out of control. I am ready to rid my stuff and live a more simple life.

2 thoughts on “179 Days

  1. Tasha says:

    you’re a star 🙂 Justin and I have dreams of living a different life than what we’re doing now- we’ve settled on when the boys are in college. He’ll join the peace corp and I’ll work on my PhD in Anthropology… Maybe I’ll learn a few things from your experiences. I can hardly wait to hear about your adventures!

    • roadmaptonomad says:

      Oh Thanks Tasha for the comment. Everyone thinks we are crazy or they say they have always wanted to this too. We said we would wait until later and we decided the time was NOW. No more excuses….no more “until this gets done”….we decided that this is the best time. I hope that one day you will decide to live a different way too.

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