175 Days

We almost had our first hurdle…almost.  One of the main reasons we bought the travel trailer is because this would we be the easiest and fastest way to get on the road. If we would have bought a motor home, we would have needed to buy a vehicle to tow or “toad.” So that would have meant buying two new things and coming up with the cash to do it. No way. Than we thought about a 5th wheel and that didn’t make any sense because once again we would have had to purchase 2 new things: 5th Wheel and a truck to pull it. So we settled on a lite travel trailer(pics coming soon) that Derek’s current Ford F250  could pull. Decided that we need to drive our truck into the ground, until it didn’t run anymore. Drive it until the wheels fell off.

I received a phone call from Derek on Friday evening, his truck had broke down and he needed me to come pick him up. He heard a pop and it was difficult to drive. Immediately he thought it was the transmission, me not be the over reactor, thought it was a belt. He drove it to a repair shop and parked it for the WHOLE weekend. We had the WHOLE weekend to think about the “What Ifs”. What if we needed to replace the truck? What kind of truck would we buy instead? How much would that cost? Would that put us in debt? Would that have pushed back out launch off date? We played this game the WHOLE weekend, or did I already mention that? …..Guesss What…….

Worried for nothing…just a spark plug with an oil change it cost $350. Geez guess we missed that hurdle.

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