168 Days

Another weekend….another practice run in the RV.

Still have not named the RV. This is kind of like naming a pet or a child, will it just come to us? I wanted to name her Bertha or Betty, that idea was shot down quickly.

Our family packed up the RV and headed south to McKinney Falls State Park. I had no idea that this state park was inside the city limits. It rained the whole weekend, but it gave us a chance to set up in the rain and what a day would be like stuck inside with no WIFI…eeeekkkkk first world problems. I read two books already downloaded on my ipad, took naps, hiked around the park and played board games.

Also cooked our first meals in the RV, Grilled Sage Chicken with roasted garlic brussel sprouts for dinner; and sausage, sweet potato, egg and cheese breakfast tacos. With the limited counter space you have to be more methodological with prepping your food. Dishes are a whole other problem. Basically I use it, wash it and reuse it.

Note to Self Blog:

Estimated time it takes to set up RV: 30 minutes, estimated time it takes to load up the RV: 45 minutes.

When it is windy, retract the awning so it doesn’t shake the whole trailer. Survived our first round of thunder storms in the RV.

When helping your SO (Significant Other) back up the truck, sometimes you just need to shut up and let him do it. Derek has become quite efficient at backing up the truck and hitching up the trailer with out my help.

When living in a small space, you do not waste time walking into another room to obtain an item, everything is within arms reach. Need to change Zoe’s diaper, great!….the diapers are under the couch, which is right here.

The bunkhouse originally set for demolition to make Derek an office, has become our adult retreat at night while Zoe is sleeping on our bed. Derek is now researching ides to set up an office outside, any thoughts?

I need to take pictures and post them!

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