166 Days


“Oh the Places You’ll Go”

Our daughter is turning 1 year this Friday and I have been planning my little(big) fanny off with a Dr. Seuss inspiration. Which is quite fitting, for the journey we are about to embark on. The planning of this party started when she turned 6 months. However, if I would have known that we would be leaving soon, I would have opted out for something a little more low-key. Who am I kidding….I love a good party and I can plan a mean party. Ask me what I have planned for our House-cooling-trailer trash-going away party for January. Details to follow.

The statement around the house continues to be “As soon as this party is over, we are going to start selling stuff.” There has to be a point where we start purging and stop consuming and get on the road full time. Knowing that everyone is different, I wonder the average number of days it takes a person to make a decision, stick with that decision, plan on that decision and than execute that decision. I am the type of person that has a million ideas a day of business plans, inventions, etc. Except I can never execute them. However, this is a different type of motivation, a motivation to do things differently. Always going against the grain.

Note to Blog:

We will be moving to our next phase of the road map to nomad: selling our stuff. But not until this kid’s birthday party.

I had my first non family member, non friend comment on our Facebook page. Sweeeet…someone is actually reading this.

Yes, that is my daughters little tiny newborn head in the pictures above. She is growing up way to fast.


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