81 Days (Originally 140 Days)

<—————See that little countdown ticker to the left….that was changed today. We moved up our launch off day by 2 months. Our adventurous family could not wait around for our lease to be up on our rental house in April , so we have asked our landlord to cancel our lease early and find a sublettor. New launch off day is Feb 1, 2013ish and we will  head west with a more relaxed first destination maybe Phoenix…or somewhere in west Texas. (Oxymoron…there is nothing in West Texas)

What made us move up the date?   There are a few things keeping us around for the spring, but we think by moving up the date and getting out of the house we can save some money. The plan is to be out of our house the end of the year, stay at a local Austin RV park for a month or so and than head west Feb/March.

This was our last weekend of relaxation and casual RVing before we buckle down, sell everything, rent out the house and get the heck out of Texas.

Some of the reasons or epiphany that made us change our date:

A giant To Do List should make us more productive, right?

1. I made a connection with another family that was on the road and figured out they were in Austin. We had breakfast with The Boyinks and I could have talked to them for hours about what it is like on the road.  In between little Miss Zoe Mae talking and wiggling around all I kept hearing from them is just get on the road, you will not regret it. They also gave me a great idea, so we were not completely overwhelmed by everything  Put a To-Do List in every room. Cross something off everyday. Thanks for breakfast and I hope our paths cross again someday.

2. We are impatient. Period. Since Derek and I met we have always had the “all in” philosophy. This should be no different.

3. Every time we take out the RV for a “test-run” Derek and I look at each other and say….why can’t this be right now. We took our favorite family out this past weekend. Sat around a campfire and realizing we will be leaving our friends in Austin soon.

So the To-Do List is updated, craigslist ads are flowing, Ebay listings are mutilping, with all this coming together so quickly it may be really hard to keep up with everything. On top of all this life transitioning,  I have a vocal daughter who is teething and wants to be held all the time. So I am just going to sit down, nurse her and look around at this empty house, realizing that this may be the last time I am in a house that doesn’t have wheels.

Love and travels,

~~~The Smeetings~~~

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