19 Days

19 days until we move into the RV full time. The new tenants for the house signed the lease on Saturday!

179 days until we hit the road for the summer.

We made great progress this weekend on the house. Note to blog.

Yard Sale: I thought for sure we would have one of these events. How else are we suppose to sell all the little things that we can’t put on craigslist? After much debate(argument) Derek convinced me this would be a waste of our time and effort. He was right and so we are donated everything.

Donate: I had no desire to drop off a huge load to Goodwill, just so they could resell it. Instead I posted a WANTED Ad on craigslist and asked for needy families to email what they needed. Multiple families showed up and we handed each family a few trash bags full of things. Felt like Santa for a day. Set several things near the street with a HUGE FREE sign. It is amazing how many people will pick up free stuff. Also quite liberating feeling getting rid of all things that can help others who are less fortunate.

Craigslist: Anything worth more than $30 we posted on craigslist. So far this has been a success and Derek has been able to UPsell quite a few people because he had a Square. Really great thing to have if you are planning on doing any type of estate or yard sell. WE have a few big ticket items left and hoping these will sell in the last couple of weeks.

Ebay: I posted all my Legos and video games on Ebay. Sold all items in 2 weeks! I stayed on Derek’s ass to get rid of all his Heroscape figurines. Good thing I did, he has sold that shit for over $1200 in the first week of posting them. All I can say is I told you so 🙂 He knew they would sell quick, he just never had to deal with them before.

Storage Unit: We were able to take two loads to the storage unit. My fear is that we will not have enough room and we need to sell more items. Mark my words….we will be coming back to the storage unit after a year and selling the rest of the items in it.

We have a very busy week ….our House Cooling/my Trailer Trash Birthday Bash is this weekend. Look forward to having friends over for my birthday and entertaining in a large space for the last time.

2 thoughts on “19 Days

  1. Alyssa says:

    You know Goodwill is a non profit who uses the money they make on job training and often employs the unemployable. It Isnt like half priced boojs or something…tho i do like the way you did it, freecycle style!

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