15 days

Some exciting news, we got into the coveted park that is Pecan Grove in Austin, Texas. So coveted that people have been living there for 20+ years and have never left. I had been calling Pecan Grove RV Park and the old man on the other line always said they had NO spots open. Ever. I have been calling for 3 months! Me being hard headed and I do not take “NO” easily. I got in my car and went right down to that RV park on Monday morning because I wanted someone to tell me “No” to my face. Here is how the conversation went

ME “We would like to stay here for (SOME) amount of time.”
OLD MAN SMOKING: ” Sorry, we are all full”
ME: “I see spots open right there(pointing at several open spots).”
OLD MAN SMOKING: “Those are nightly and weekly spots.”
ME: “Okay, well can I have one of those spots?”
OLD MAN SMOKING: “Those are too expensive for you.”
ME: (With a smile) Thanks for your concern however anything is better than what we spend in rent and expenses each month.”
OLD MAN SMOKING: Well it is $800 a month. (Yes I understand this is expensive for an RV park, but we are paying 3 times that amount in rent right now)
ME: We will take it!
OLD MAN SMOKING: Where do you work? That commute is going to suck if you work up North.” I had mention to him that Derek is a computer software engineer, most of the companies are in North Austin.
ME: We have that all worked out, Derek is going to carpool with a friend who lives quite close to the park.
OLD MAN: How many people are going to be in the RV?
ME: Me, Derek and our daughter.
OLD MAN: You should look into the RV park out East, it is more family friendly.
ME: We have looked at that park, and yes it is a great park, however, Pecan Grove is near
everything we like about Austin. Greenbelt, Barton Springs, Zilker park, Chuys etc. All
great things to do with our family.
OLD MAN: Fine, lets go sign you up for a weekly site. We don’t take those “electronic cards”, we only take cash and check. How long do you want to stay?
ME: A Month?
OLD MAN: Okay let me move someone else to a different spot so you can stay a month.
(Starts erasing a name on a spot on a LARGE piece of paper)
ME: How do I know that you are not going to erase us?
OLD MAN: (Writes “do not move” on the LARGE piece of paper next to our name) There…no one should move you.
ME: Do we need to leave a deposit, a phone number, anything?
OLD MAN: Nope.

There we have it, no matter how high tech the rest of the world may be, there are still people out there that need to be face to face with you. Now we know where we will be living for the next few months until we leave this summer. Wonder how hard it is to get back in once we return. I am going to book that in advance.

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