1 Day-Happy Holidays

A letter to our Family and Friends-

Hopefully by now we have told you all our plans of living nomadic in an RV. If not, here is a great start to finding out why. And by the time you read this letter, we have spent our first night in the trailer and soon our first Christmas. We thank you for the support you have shown us after hearing of our life alternating plans.

Some of the reactions we have heard:

“you are crazy”

“I expect nothing less from you”

“I am jealous”

“you have to be rich do do that, right?”

and my personal favorite “you grow out dreads and stop showering, and we are no longer friends”

Each one of our friends and family had different reactions but in the end you all still love us the same. We originally set out to travel a year, with plans to see much of you, however plans change and with our first bump in the road we now have a new road map to follow. We promise in 2013 to spend more time with family and friends near and far(don’t worry grandparents, we have plans to come see you for extended periods of time) Our sense of community is great and we hope to continue this on the road. Wishing you all well and warm wishes this holiday season and don’t forget to come see us too, the RV DOES sleep 7-10 comfortably or at least thats what the manual says.

Love and travels,

Monica, Derek and Zoe

Click on link to see our family Christmas card

5 thoughts on “1 Day-Happy Holidays

  1. TN Grandma says:

    “(don’t worry grandparents, we have plans to come see you for extended periods of time)”

    — I still want a CHRISTMAS visit from you next year !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas in your “new” home. Love you!

  2. Shari says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you have set out to do this. It took so much planning and some sacrifices and guts. I think you’ve grown into an awesome woman/mother/partner and am very proud of all you’ve accomplished, Monica. Happy travels (soon) and Merry Christmas!!

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