Day/Night 1-Austin, Texas

Night 1 and all I can say is……. it was a doozie.

We spent the last 5 months preparing for this day to come. Spent most of the morning going back and forth between putting the last bit of our belongings into storage and packing the RV. Right before we left the house, I had a few moments to myself and got teary eyed walking out the door. All the memories; Derek and I’s first house together, our daughter was almost born in that house, many sleepless nights walking Zoe up and down the hall, the piter pater of her feet when she took her first steps and the place where we have called home.

Those tears quickly dried up as I watched Derek and noticed how proud he was, we were doing this, this crazy dream of ours. We both like change and we both like the unknown, this is one of the many reasons we get along so well. Derek hopped in the cab of his truck, pressed the gas pedal and we were off to our next life destination.

We didn’t drive far by any means, we are staying in Austin for some time, maybe playing it a little safe until we are ready to move on. We parked the rig, set it up and spent most of the day unpacking…picking up Zoe at daycare, making a run to Target…boring, normal stuff….yada yada ya.

Here is where it gets good…we finally got back to the RV and threw the target goodies in the RV. We bought waterproof mattress covers for our beds but were to tired to put them on the mattress and so we went straight to bed. (remember this detail later)

I woke up at 2:30AM to a curdling cough and than chucks all over me, Zoe and our nice new unprotected mattress. Little Miss Zoe Mae had gotten sick. In a normal house, this would have been easy, clean up Zoe and me, change the sheets and throw the clothes in the washer. Well not that simple in the RV. I failed to mention earlier that it was the coldest night it has been in Austin, 34 degrees. I grabbed Zoe, Derek packed a small bag of new clothes for Zoe and me, grabbed some towels and raced over to the shower facilities at the RV park. Once Derek got us all in the shower, he headed back to the RV, stripped the bed, threw all pukey clothes in a trash bag, flipped the mattress because it was really wet, PUT ON THAT NEW WATERPROOF MATTRESS COVER, and than the nice new back up sheets we had just purchased.

Once we were all back in the RV, wet and cold from taking our showers, we decided it was a good time to turn on that brand new furnace. Kicked that bad boy on and what do you know it starts to smell bad, smell really bad, like that smell as if something is burning and what do you know our smoke detectors start going off. ewwwweeee…..ewwwweeeee…..eeeeewwwwweee. Geezzz our neighbors are going to love us, crying baby and smoke detectors at 3 AM in the morning. I finally calmed down Zoe long enough to get her to go back to sleep, it was a long, freezing night. I am pretty sure I had dreams about a warm, cup of coffee. We woke up all together in the bunk on a full bed. Our first night might have been a doozie, we learned some lessons and the universe was not on our side last night. However, we still woke up thinking this was the best decision for our little family.

Note to Blog: Purchase bath robes and shower shoes.
Always put on the waterproof mattress cover, no matter how tired we are.
Probably a good idea if we try and stay close to a bathroom facility in the future for times like last night.
Before leaving the RV, bring in the awning and turn off the water.


4 thoughts on “Day/Night 1-Austin, Texas

  1. boyink says:

    Make sure to pick up a $50 ceramic electric heater – it’ll more than pay for itself with the propane you will save.

    Congrats on launching!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh goodness. I don’t know why the furnace smells like that. Almost like melting plastic. Ours does it also. Sorry your first night went the way it did. Once you work all the kinks out, you’ll be so happy.
    We are finding the RV to be very humid. Had to buy DampRid.
    When you were talking about getting teary eyed. . . I almost tearing myself. I remember just a few months ago feeling the same way. It’s a hard step to take. Once you do though, you are so glad you did. We don’t miss the house at all. Our RV is home now 🙂 Best of luck.

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