Is There Such Thing as RV Etiquette?

I think I might have broken one of the “rules” of RV parks. First night, I cut through our neighbors yard to get to the bathroom. It was cold, I had a sick baby….excuses, I know. I later thought about it while on the latrine, if this was a bricks and sticks house, I would have never cut through someone’s front yard to get to the opposite side, so why should I do this at the RV park. And that is when I found this blog post for RV Etiquette.

Are there other cardinal rules we are breaking as noobs? Alright new neighbors and fellow RV friends…this is your chance to let us know what we need to do, to stay with code with other fellow RVers.


2 thoughts on “Is There Such Thing as RV Etiquette?

  1. Boyink says:

    I think you’ll intuit most of it – but yea, cutting through sites is generally a no-no. We were in a state park this summer after graduation and chosen a site that was in between two main areas. We had kids cutting through all of the time – within 2′ of our rig, or in between the picnic table and fire ring. I even re-parked the truck to block off the site and they squeezed through the 1′ I left between the rear bumper and a tree. I started saying “welcome to our Campsite!” as they came through – some got the idea, some didn’t..we finally just had to let it go as there were too many of them.

  2. Dave says:

    I take a modified approach—if I have met the neigh, confirm they are gone (truck or toad missing) and they have a “wide space” between themselves and their neighbor, I am likely to quietly trespass…but generally, I hoof it around the loop….

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