Oak Forest RV Park in Austin, Texas

8207 Canoga Avenue
Austin, Texas 78724
Phone: 1-800-478-7275
Local: 512-926-8984
Fax: 512-929-9134

M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm
Sat. 9:00am to 2:00pm
Sun. Closed

We are packing up the rig tomorrow and heading to our next RV park that we will call home for at least a month. Check out this story on how we had to get into our next destination. My goal is to write a review for each park we stay and based on this criteria:

1. Park Amenities
2. Staff and Services
3. Connection to Wi-Fi
4. Price
5. Park Location

Granted this is our first park so we don’t have much to compare. We have heard from other full timers that this is a great park. Please note that we stayed in the overnight area and the experience might be different in the more permanent sites.

Park Amenities

Individual Restrooms with Showers, Pool with Hot Tub, Laundry, Work Out Room, Small Lounge Area with Library, nice large Pavilion with grills and Fenced In Dog Park

We only used the Restroom with Showers, Hot Tub, Laundry and Small Lounge area in the office. We do not have a dog, too cold to use the pool and neither one of us has made our New Years resolution to work out any time soon.

The restroom/shower came in handy for many reasons, including our first night our daughter got sick and the close proximity of the restrooms made it easy for us to use them vs our own bathroom. They were also heated, which made that quite nice for your tush during the winter.
Derek used the hot tub almost every day while we were there, and enjoyed it during the colder nights in Austin.

We did our laundry 3 times during our stay and it cost us roughly $2.25 per load. Not sure how this compares to other parks.

Staff and Services
The staff was always super friendly and helpful with whatever we needed. They pick up your trash everyday by 9 am as long as you set it out by the end of your site. There was also an incident with our neighbors’ propane tank and security showed up and was quite extensive with the follow up.

Connection to Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is free for the overnight sites, although I could never get my iDevices to connect to the park internet and ended up using my data plan the whole stay. The days where I needed to work mobile, I went to the office and occupied a comfy chair for much of the day. Luckily, I only had to work two days from the office because of the holidays.

First off, we have Passport America and recommend this to anyone that is living full time in their RV. Our nightly rate Monday – Thursday was $22 and Friday- Sunday was full price $44. On top of that they were nice enough to give us a holiday discount and extended that $22 rate for our whole stay.

Park Location
The park is about 15 minutes from downtown Austin and not really located around much. The closest grocery store is about 10 minutes away. There is a mexican meat market on the corner that has a lot of basic veggies, fruit and some interesting cuts of meat. We tend to eat whole fruits and veggies and it was not quite up to the same selection we are used to having. Side note: There is a farm across the street and it appears to have a great selection of fruits, veggies, eggs and meat. However, they are closed and will reopen in March. I bet this would have been a great option for us if the farm stand would have been open.

3 thoughts on “Oak Forest RV Park in Austin, Texas

  1. Dave says:

    I would concur with your review. Security doing an extensive review was quite the understatement—that cat will be starring in “CSI:Austin” in the near future…we will be here for at least Jan, then maybe Feb…no room in March as the rodeo comes to town….keep in touch!

      • Dave says:

        Hopefully to a house :), our borrower should have payoff in a few weeks. Not alot of choices, but New Life in Georgetown, nice park, has a spot, but that is too far for you guys. Lone Star for a month might be OK.

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