Transition of Working Mom to Stay At (mobile)Home Mom.

I have been working for 19 years. I started checking coats at a relative’s restaurant at the age of 13. I started making sandwiches for a local deli when I was 15. I waited tables from the time I was 18 to almost damn near 25. I always held a job while going to college, even worked part time at a bar while I was playing soccer at junior college. I worked full time, while going to grad school. Bottom line, I have been working for a long time. I have been back to work for almost a year since having my daughter, I have struggled internally for the past year on whether to stay at home with Zoe or work to provide for her future.

One of the main reasons why I couldn’t stay home was we were trying to keep up with a lifestyle. The big house. The expenses with having a big house. We live IN Austin, not a suburb. We travel, and want to continue to travel. The gadgets. The toys. The upgrades. The debt. I am the only one with debt and it is student loans. Luckily I started the Dave Ramsey program 2 years ago and I have gotten rid of the majority of my debt. Because of all these things, it didn’t make sense for me to stay at home with Zoe. My income outweighed the cost of child care. So this “thing” that we are doing, this change that we are making is actually two fold for me. We will be able to travel more, I am able to stay at home and take care of our daughter, all because we are living a simpler life.

Is it weird that I have fantasies about being a SAHM? Wondering what my days will be like? Park days, swim days, running errands days, kids museum days, stay at home days. I know that this other world won’t be all rainbows and unicorns but at least I will get to spend it with my Baby Love.

I resigned from my job today. It was bittersweet and after 5 years working for this company, I know that I can always come back. I will miss my co-workers and my customers but who wouldn’t want to spend their day with this smile?


7 thoughts on “Transition of Working Mom to Stay At (mobile)Home Mom.

  1. Angela Fox Collins says:

    I think what you all are doing is awesome and amazing! Yep, being at home with baby is where its at but don’t feel down if you sometimes go completely nuts spending long days with a toddler…ha ha It definitely has its challenges…as you know! But ultimately these years will go by so fast and I am so glad you get to spend them with your sweet Zoe girl! XOXO 🙂

    • roadmaptonomad says:

      Thanks Angela for the kind words. Yep, if you couldn’t tell I am super excited about being home with my little darling. I feel like I already missed so much and we have some serious time to catch up. Hopefully there are some playdates in our future before we hit the road.

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