Day 24 Austin, Texas

ummm now I know why its called Pecan Grove. Every 30 minutes a pecan nut would drop on our RV roof and scare the shit out of us. I felt silly in the fact that I never put two and two together until after the 5th nut fell on the roof. It was an airhead moment…duh the Pecan trees.

We have settled in nicely into our new surroundings. We love this area and after we moved from West 6th Street to our old rental house, I always felt like we were in the suburbs. Granted it was only about 4 miles that separated us from downtown Austin and the house, it never quite felt the same. Despite the cold temperatures we have walked to dinner every night. I even went to the grocery store to buy our planned meals for the week and we still opted out to head to the restaurants that surround us. That’s what I love about this trailer, it makes us want to get out and explore. Maybe its the new mindset or the smaller space but there are only so many chores that need to be done around the trailer. To simply put it, Life has become simpler and we have opened up some valued time.

We like it here, however it is still up in the air as to how long we will get to stay here. Every week we have to pay “rent” and I go into the office hoping they can continue to fudge RVs around so that we can stay longer. We know that March is going to be a difficult time to stay anywhere in Austin because of all the things going on that month, like SXSW and the Austin Rodeo.

This past weekend the temperature finally rose into the 70s, this was a perfect time to walk around the park and meet our neighbors. Lots of dog owners and while walking with Zoe, you can usually strike up a conversation pretty quickly. Who doesn’t think a toddler walking around yelling “Dog, Dog, Dog” isn’t cute. Our neighbors a couple sites down run a website, where you can search for pet friendly camp grounds, hotels, restaurants etc. Wonder if I can partner with them for a gokidfriendly website. A search engine for all places kid friendly. Pretty awesome what this woman has done and what a great concept, all while traveling. Their Winnebago is completely wrapped with pictures of dogs, so Zoe loves to walk by it looking for the dog. On one of our earlier morning strolls to see the “dogs” Zoe was quite surprised to see and hear a large REAL dog barking. That dog barking scared her right out of her shoes. She literally saw the dog, heard the dog and immediately fell to the ground and her shoes fell off. Poor kid she is still getting used to bigger dogs.

It was also Derek’s Birthday celebration this past weekend. (35 years young) Which means in our house we have a few birthday rules.
1. Birthday person does not have to change any diapers.
2. Birthday person can have whatever food they want brought to them.
3. Birthday person can choose to do whatever their heart so desires.

I leave you with a picture of my wonderful nerdy boyfriend, who is determined to do as much as possible while we are in such a kick ass spot. Including snorkeling Barton Springs while biking on his birthday. Decided to put two of his favorites together. Words can not describe that wet suit or his beard.


5 thoughts on “Day 24 Austin, Texas

  1. Shad Campbell says:

    I posted this to your reply on our blog too. We are planning our first trip in early Feb. Austin is one of locations we want to go to and we really want to stay at Pecan Grove, but It seems like it would be difficult to get to by a novice driver in a 40′ bus. I know I-35 coming from Dallas(not fun). So I thought about attacking the city from the west and taking MOPAC north to Barton Springs. But you can’t make a left into the park. What are your suggestions?

    Shad (The Beagle Traveler)

    • roadmaptonomad says:

      I 35 is really the only way and maybe if you time your drive the right way you will miss traffic. Did you get a reservation yet at Pecan Grove? My suggestion is call every day until you do. Either way let me know, love to check out the bus!

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