Going down to one income, one car, one cell phone and 230 sq ft?

DISCLAIMER: I realize I am about to rant about things that are considered first world problems. I understand that people are perfectly happy living with less and I am part of that category now.

We are going down to one income, one vehicle, one cell phone and 230 sq ft home…..sound the chimes…you think we are crazy?

First, we went down to a 230 sq ft home. We went from 1700 sq ft to this tiny trailer. We have made it one month today! However with my compulsive organizing disorder and label maker syndrome, everything in our trailer has a place, is labeled so you can find it and everything has a dual purpose. For instance, the bath tub is also our dirty laundry storage area. Zoe’s toy box is also an ottoman or a chair depending on the placement. The oven, when not in use is storage for pots and pans. Yes the pure amount of indoor space has dramatically changed but think of all the outdoor space we have gained. With a new outdoor space every week or so it will force us to be more exploratory.

Second, we went down to one income. I have heard everything from “this is great” to “why would you give up such a great job?” And you are right DENNIS(hehehe, that is my step dad he always has the practical voice) , it was a great job and a wonderful job and I loved my job, but I love my daughter more. And luckily for me, I have a partner that thinks my happiness and our daughter’s happiness is more important than extra spending money in the bank. Not everyone can stay home and not everyone wants to stay at home, but I am telling you right now I WANT TO STAY HOME. This is a choice and this choice can be changed at any moment if this doesn’t work out.

Third, we went down to one vehicle. It just doesn’t make sense to have two at this time. Especially since when we are on the road this summer we would have to find a place to park it for a few months. This does mean I may be asking for rides from some really great friends (wink, wink)

Fourth, we are going down to one cell phone. I think this is the one that Derek likes the most. No one can get a hold of him, it would seem like he likes that idea. Plus if I really need to get a hold of him we can do this.

Tomorrow starts a new chapter for my life the transition to Stay At (Mobile)Home Mom! Oh and check out Derek’s video from the past beautiful Austin weekend.

Love and Travels,

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