1 Month Anniversary of Living in the RV

So yep we have been living in the RV for 1 month now and I am ready to move back into a hous……errrr wait a minute. No I am not, I love living in the RV. I could write a huge list of the reasons why the RV is awesome, but I also want you to know that it is not always rainbow and butterflies at the homestead. There are definitely a few things I miss about our old life. Here….I made a list

1. Unlimited Streaming Internet- I miss this dearly at night, when I am ready to watch my TV shows on Hulu Plus. Oh well, I guess I need someone to tell me what happens in Parenthood, does the mom die from cancer?

2. Counter Space- I miss this for two reasons. 1) Zoe loved to sit on the counter with me and help cook dinner. She can no longer do this because I need all limited counter space for cooking. 2) I need room to chop, to mix, to put dirty dishes, etc. I am always playing musical surfaces.

3. Our giant couch, or what we referred to as our couch bed. It was a large oversized sectional with an ottoman. Derek and I are large tall people. I am 5’10 and Derek is 6’3, us trying to sit on the love seat in the RV can be quite comical. This might have to be our first modification in the RV.

4. King Size Bed-we all slept together in that bed. It would have been nice to find an RV with a king size bed, we can save that upgrade for later.

5. Backyard- Zoe is finally at the age where all she wants to do is run and run away from her parents. If we had a back yard this would be a fun game. if you are in a busy RV park, not so much fun. A backyard would give Zoe a little more freedom and us a little less worrisome. Maybe I could find a leash and some rope and we can tie her up like people do with their dogs around here……completely joking.

So there you have it my short list of the things I miss, however my list of things of love is much longer.

2 thoughts on “1 Month Anniversary of Living in the RV

  1. Teresa says:

    Boy do I hear you! A couch for me and a bed that I don’t have to climb up into only then to have about 6″ clearance …… and a bathtub!

    But still….life is good in an RV and on the road. Some of the places we have seen and people we have met can’t be matched by those things.

    Congrats on the 1 month or as I like to say …. 30 days. lol

  2. Dave says:

    Thought of u guys when we went to Zilker last week and by Pecan Grove, glad all is overall well. We left Oak Forest, arrived at Leander KOA yesterday, began looking for sticks and bricks today. Enjoy!

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