I have found my new mode of transportation.


To kick off I and Zoe’s or is it Zoe and me, whatever I hate grammar and rules so I am going with Zoe and I’s hehehehe.

To kick off I and Zoe’s new status of staying at home together, we left Derek alone for the weekend and took the Amtrak train to Fort Worth to see one of my old friends, Jes. I have not seen her in 6 years and the last time I saw her was at her wedding in Kansas. Our lives were quite different when we parted ways many years ago. She was a new mommy and in the process of planning a wedding and settling down. I on the other hand was just getting good at being single and it was right before I left Kansas to come down to Texas. Needless to stay we have come full circle and now are at the same place in our lives, however she got there much quicker. What is always great about friends, is no matter how long you don’t talk, you can still come back together and hang out. (I have to admit I was quite lame over the weekend because I was battling/recovering from a sickness and I am sorry Jes if I got your family sick)

Did I mention how much I loved riding the train? Here is another list, if you couldn’t tell I love lists!

1. No rushing to get to the airport to park, check luggage, print tickets, being groped my security, taking off shoes, being body scanned etc. Instead you walk up about 15 mins before departure time (30 mins if you want to check a bag), talk to the one lady behind the counter(no kiosk) and she will print your ticket for you and you stand in a line for about 5 minutes to board the train.

2. The train seats were so comfy and so much leg room. I swear it is 2 train seats to one airplane seat.

3. The ability to get up and move around anytime! The observational car was phenomenal. Whenever Zoe got the urge to walk, we got up and ran up and down the cars. We sat near other families, which always helps with distracting Zoe. She could watch other kids all day. Oh and if you don’t like the person you are sitting next to, get up and move, no assigned seats.

4. You can bring whatever snacks, drinks, toys, alcoholic beverages, blankets, pillows, etc on the train. There are no restrictions. On the way back from Fort Worth, the family in front of me brought a bottle of wine and glasses and we cheers to meeting each other.

5. You don’t have to fight traffic, car seats, sitting still, spending a bunch of money on lame food.

6. Holy crap that was inexpensive…..my round trip ticket was $47. Granted Zoe was free(2 and under are free like an airplane ticket, but unlike the airplane there are always open seats) There are some discounts for children under 13 on the Amtrak website.

So who is ready to book a trip with me to go somewhere like St. Louis or New Orleans? I want to try out a sleeper car.

Side Note: While doing my research on routes, I found a link to people/companies that have PRIVATE rail cars. People buy old rail cars, restore them and travel across the country in them or rent them out to other people. Amtrak will actually link them up to their routes. A night cost $8000 for 12 people. I think I have found my next pipe dream, owning a private train car!




4 thoughts on “I have found my new mode of transportation.

  1. Gramdma says:

    FYI, correct grammar would be like this:

    Easier to understand if you separate them into:
    To kick off my new status…..
    To kick off Zoe’s new status…

    Combine them into:

    To kick off my and Zoe’s new status……


  2. Robyn says:

    Yes, GraMdma! (love it!) But I always thought the other person’s name came first. To kick off Zoe and my…

    And YES! We should plan a group trip to New Orleans!!! O, H and W could meet up with their cousin Michael!!! Aw let’s take the mommy and daddy too!

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