Pecan Grove RV Park Review

Pecan Grove RV Park
1518 Barton Springs Rd  Austin, TX 78704
Local:512- 472-1067
website: none

OFFICE HOURS M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm Sat. 9:00am to 2:00pm Sun. Closed

My goal is to write a review for each park we stay and based on this criteria:
1. Park Amenities
2. Staff and Services
3. Connection to Wi-Fi
4. Price 5. Park Location

1. Park Amenities– Restrooms with Showers, Laundry and Small Lounge Area in the office. I only used the restroom once and never used the showers. They were older community showers and restrooms and I have become use to using our shower. I really hate lugging my shower stuff back and forth. Derek used the shower a few times, he wasn’t impressed and started using our own shower. We did our laundry a billion times during our stay and it cost us roughly $2.00 per load.

2. Staff and Services– The staff is friendly however I was told we could never get a monthly spot because we have children. I guess the full timer monthly spots don’t want screaming kids around. Which makes me wonder where we are going to live once we come back from our travels. We tried to extend our stay for the month of February, however everything going on in Austin in Febuary and March, Pecan Grove is booked solid. So we will be back for April and May.

3. Connection to Wi-Fi Wi-Fi was included in our weekly fees, however we were unable to connect unless we were outside our RV. So far we are 0 -2 on the park Wi-Fi working.

4. Price Because we could not get a monthly spot and apparently no one can (Some people have been living in the RV Park for 15+ years. We ended up spending $225 per week for 4 weeks. They do not have a website you so you need to call ahead to make reservations and they only take reservations 3 months in advance.

5. Park Location This is what makes up for everything else. Location, Location Location! Just a bridge south of downtown Austin, there really is no where better to stay in Austin. You are within short walking distance to Zilker Park, many restaurants, and my favorite eating spot/grocery store Thom’s market.  There is also a new trailer food park, Barton Springs Neighborhood Food court, a new trailer food park that has live music on the weekends.

Next Review: Austin RV Park North


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