Safe Is a State of Mind

Quite often I get the question “do you feel safe in the RV?” To me “safe” is a state of mind and no matter how well you prepare, sometimes situations are not safe and we learn a lesson.

I went out to my truck this morning and noticed that all my doors were slightly open. I quickly looked in my truck and saw that my middle console, glove box and back bag were all open. After more investigation I realized someone had rummaged through my vehicle. Up until now, I had felt fairly safe in this RV Park. The neighborhood is kind of trashy, old and with only one way in and one way out, you really had to live in the area to be back here. An uneasy feeling sat over me…did they take anything? NO Did I leave anything valuable in my car? NO Did this happen to anyone else?

After talking to my neighbor Mike, I learned that his car was broken into and they took a GPS, carton of cigarettes, and all his change from his cup holder. No big deal or so he thought, he realized on his way back to work, they had took his motorcycle key! My nosy investigative self wanted to find out if anyone else got hit. Sure enough I spoke with John, the RV across from us and they had been hit too. This time they took clothes, a new pair of shoes still in the box, cologne and Johns’ ID and credit cards. While talking to my neighbors about feeling violated, I heard a women yell

“Help, I need someone to call 911!”

There is one house that faces the entrance to our small RV park and this is where the confrontation was taking place. This women was yelling at her boyfriend and my neighbor John and I started to walk toward the house when John turned to me and said,

“Call 911, that guy is wearing my shoes and clothes that were stolen!”

Officers showed up minutes later and searched the house and guess what they found? All the things that were stolen from the RVers and more. All stolen property was given back including that missing motorcycle key and charges were filed against the assailant. Can you believe that idiot wore those clothes right in front of us? Later we found out that the girlfriend was confronting her boyfriend about stealing money from her and the fact he was in and out of the house several times in the middle of the night, last night.

While the officers were parked they got ANOTHER 911 call from DOWN THE STREET! They left with one guy in the back of their cop car to go check on another disturbance. April 1st can not come quick enough, I am ready to move on. We actually thought about packing up tonight and driveway surfing until Monday.

My state of safe has been disturbed for the moment. I need to realize that this situation could have happen anywhere and I need to release this anxiety.This man….. more like boy, did not take anything from me but I still feel very violated right now.

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