5 things that I DISLIKE about the RV

A really great, honest friend came over to the RV for a play date and we started discussing the things I hate about the RV. She asked why I never post the real and gross things about living in the RV…well here it is all the shit(pun intended) that sucks.

DISLIKES, a super short list.

1. Testing toilet paper. Only certain toilet papers can go down the sewer holding tank. So we have to “jar test” every roll to make sure it dissolves quickly. So going to the grocery store and picking out toilet paper is always a crap shoot. You would think by now I would have a list of the “approved” toilet papers, but I always forget to write it down. To learn more about jar testing, check out this video by RV geeks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDLXXRVe2pc

2. Our King size bed touches all sides of the wall, so changing the sheets is always a yoga class. Basically someone would have to poop on it before I will change the sheets. Totally joking.

3. Poop still stinks, but it really stinks when you are always 5 feet from the bathroom. No amount of spray can cover that smell. If anything,  it just smells like poop and berries after you use one of those awful sprays.

4. Fridge is super small and I always have to play Tetris after I go to the grocery store. With no extra space I can never over buy at the grocery store.

5. Constantly bumping your head on cabinets. Derek and I are tall people, so if someone leaves a cabinet door open, there is a good chance someone is going to hit their head.

I know I said 5….but here is one more to think about.

6. Filling up your toilet before you go to the bathroom. In a sticks and bricks home, your toilet bowl water is already at the appropriate water level. In an RV, you have to fill it to a certain level so that all poop and toilet paper will go down better. Something I always forget to do and I always regret the outcome. Gross….but it is a reality.

14 thoughts on “5 things that I DISLIKE about the RV

  1. Teresa says:

    Too funny! Boy do I hear you! We had to put foam on some of our head knocking places – Derek has several scares to show for his head bumping!

  2. Ali & Ron says:

    Just to let you know, the brand/type of toilet paper doesn’t really matter. We have been living full time in our 1986 Class A since Nov. 2006 and have never had a problem with toilet paper or poop clogging up the toilet and not flushing out. In fact, many years before we went full time, a friend who worked at an RV supply store told us there was no reason to buy the expensive RV tp – it is just single ply. My hubby says he wants softness so we buy two-ply all the time.

    The smell – yes it can get bad after someone does a big job…we have air freshners and spray in the bathroom and then another air freshner in the front of the rig. The kind that uses the can that goes off automatically every 15 or 36 minutes.

    • Wendy says:

      I agree I have been fulltiming for 22 years and had only one clog. I have also worked for an RV dealer, and the practice is to make sure the TP is wet before flushing, I always use 2 ply and it works wonders.

  3. Brenda A. says:

    This was awesome! It surely isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. We’ve never had the toilet paper problem because we first tested the brand that we were already using and it passed. So we never had any reason to buy anything else (lucky for us because I’m super picky about TP!). And our bed is a walk around so even though it’s close it’s not too bad. But I am really having a hard time with the lack of freezer space. I was always one to buy on sale and stock up. I’m learning that I just can’t buy more than a week’s worth at a time. And that’s pushing it. And the poo smell problem? Yeah….there just is no getting around that. Need to go take a walk outside and give it time to dissipate. lol

  4. Wendy says:

    I have been a full timer for 22yrs, and I do not use the expensive toilet paper that is sold in RV stores. This is what I do I use 2ply all the time and have only had one plug in all that time. You need to make sure the paper is wet before you flush, then when you flush count to 3 as it goes down. Never leave the tank open as this is when you get plugs as there is not enough liquid to flush the solids thru. Only empty the tank when it is at least 3/4 full. I have found this product called Unique it is wonderful and reasonably priced.Enjoy your travels I won’t give it up too soon.

  5. Andrea says:

    Will there be a companion list of all the things you love? Mine would include my ability to clean the whole trailer, top to bottom, end to end in 20 min. Something I could never imagine in my sticks and bricks where is took 20 just to mop the floor. 😉
    Have a beautiful day!

    • roadmaptonomad says:

      I need to write about all the things I love about the trailer. One would be the ability to give Zoe a bath, let her play in the bath tub while I do dishes. Thanks for reading the blog.

  6. Christine says:

    As a result of this post I’ve just been about a product called “Just A Drop”, which has a lot of 5 star reviews on Amazon. Seems that some of the stench of poo comes from meat; a vegetarian friend has a toilet in the bedroom area of her 5th wheel and I’ve never noticed an odor. I’m not advocating for people who live on the road full-time become vegetarians but “Just A Drop” may be at least a partial answer for the issue of poo smells. (I’ve also noticed that we have more success with sprays like Neutra Air than those with “pleasing” scents like floral or pine.)

  7. David says:

    Ah! The wonderful smell of poop. We run the exhaust fan for a few minutes after using the facilities. A note of caution here: Finish flushing first before turning on the fan. If you turn on the fan first, it just sucks more B A D smells out of the black tank.

    Don’t worry about the toilet paper. Use what you like and flush with plenty of water. If it feels good, use it.

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