Modified RV Living Space and Bedroom for under $500

We have been in the RV for 3 months now, and just like when you are in a S&B house, we are ready to modify a few things to be more comfortable. After multiple beers and late night discussions, we decided that if we were going to stay in the travel trailer for longer than a year, we needed to make some modifications. By the way, never go to an RV show if you already own an RV, you will always want to upgrade.

Our First Dilemma: RV Queen mattress.

We co-sleep with Zoe and end up playing musical beds all night because we don’t all fight on a Queen mattress. On top of that, the mattress that came with the RV is terrible. I felt like I was sleeping on a bed of springy nails. I even bought us an expensive mattress topper, thinking that would help. NOPE. It made it a sink in, springy bed of nails. Since we bought the TT, I always thought there has to be some way to squeeze our perfectly semi brand new Tempurpedic king mattress into the trailer. Derek said it couldn’t be done without tearing out our wardrobes in the bedroom and cut down the night stands. Plus we would have to build a new platform for a king.

20130411-223754.jpgBut why let a perfectly good bed go to waste in storage. Let the modifying begin.





OMG we got the Effing king bed to fit! We lost the ability to get to under our bed from the inside, but it is totally worth it having my whole family back in the same bed and on the most comfortable bed ever. I am a happy mama!

Next Dilemma: Couch and Dinette

Video of the interior of our trailer.

I dislike the fact that all furniture in the RV is stationary, bolted into the wall. I understand why it needs to be…..because of the whole traveling thing. But for our comfort, we need it to movable for cleaning purposes, Derek’s hobbies, my cooking, crafting with Zoe and various other reasons.


Removing the Couch


New Living Space with New Table and Chairs



Hanging chairs on the wall gave us more floor space.

Sorry, I had to throw in a picture of our happy baby.

And if I really want to host a dinner party, we can now seat 6 inside the RV.

We did this whole modification for less than $500, which included the IKEA furniture and materials from Home Depot to make the platform for the bed. Check out our shopping list.
Red Arm Chairs
Folding Chairs
Folding Table

Anyone looking to buy an RV couch, dinette, queen mattress and a mattress topper, all for $300? I have this posted on craigslist if interested.

9 thoughts on “Modified RV Living Space and Bedroom for under $500

  1. jendeangelo512 says:

    Love it. We also have a useless RV futon couch and window hangings after completing a similar idea in our slide, on CL, but no takers. Hopefully you have better luck! –

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