Houston, We Have a Plan!

We have sat down, discussed our plan and have mapped it out. We always knew we wanted to head to Whistler, Canada but we had no idea the route we wanted to take until tonight.

And now the research begins on where to stay and what to do when we get there. My better half wants a plan for the road. He even decided that a map was not good enough, he needed a calender.

The only concrete plans we have is to leave June 7,  arrive  in Whistler by June 23, be at BurntWoodStock by July 26 and back to Austin by September 13.

Is it crazy to think we can travel 5600  miles in 3 months?

Is it crazy to think we can travel 5600 miles in 3 months with a TODDLER?

Where should we stay while in Fort Worth, Denver, Salt Lake, Boise, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Tucson and White Sands?

Any possible rendezvous with other nomads?

Please contact us at roadmaptonomad@gmail.com or send us a message on our Facebook Page. We would love to meet others on the way.

10 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Plan!

  1. Dave says:

    and Portland—go to Troutdale 10 miles east of town….bus/train access right from park into town…gorgeous area…Sandy River Front RV Park….

  2. Patricia says:

    How long in Kansas? Long enough to have dinner with grandma by any chance. I could meet you on I-35 before you head to Colorado. Better yet, wish I could go with you and just drop me off in Colorado. Don’t forget your family in Kansas, Colorado and San Francisco.

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