The Note that Started It All


This is the note that started it all. This note was written almost a year ago. On our way back from a road trip to Norman, Oklahoma to see my family. Where we played the “What If” game all the way home to Austin.

What if we had a million dollars?

What if we could travel anywhere? Where would we go?

What if we could take a year off and travel? How would we do that? What would be our income?

What if we lived in an RV and travelled across the US?

So fast forward a year later and here we are getting ready to leave. Sort of fitting that our first stop is back to Norman, Oklahoma to witness my brother getting married. When we first talked about our dream, we envisioned that we could spend more time with family and friends. Move once a month, spend time with parents and reconnect with old friends. Our original plan of traveling for an entire year was cut short to just three months. With that being said, we had to make adjustments on where to go and who we were going to see. Going to Canada, just seemed to be the right fit. Plus, I need my first stamp on my Passport!

We leave in ONE WEEK. Never would I have thought in a million years that we would finally be doing this dream. Although we have been living in the RV for almost six months, I have not felt the true spirit of a nomad. We have had our creature comforts, our friends and our social life has been quite active. In a few short days, our journey will take us to the Pacific Northwest. Just in case you missed it, our loose travel plans. I am both excited and fearful. I love the unknown of our travel plans, I love the fact that I am going to spend more time with my partner than I ever have in the past. I can not wait to see Zoe’s face when she sees her first mountain, her first bald eagle, her first snake and quite possibly her first waterfall.

It doesn’t mean that I am not fearful of tire blow outs, breaking down, a screaming toddler, a tired toddler and even the fights that will happen because we are living on top of each other.

But I push away the fear and remember that we are embarking on a trip of a lifetime. And that is way more exciting than any fear that I may have.

So sorry if you made the list but we were not able to see you this time around. Maybe there will be a second leg of our trip and we head East.


One thought on “The Note that Started It All

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi, Monica! I am sorry I won’t be there in “the Grove” to see you guys shove off. Just wanted to wish you, Derek, and Zoe a WONDERFUL journey as you pursue the next phase of your dream! I will be following along, and will look forward to each blog post!

    Wishing you smooth cruising!

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