Truck Saga Part Deux

Well I left you with a cliff hanger, last you knew we were in a pickle with no towing truck. Thank you to everyone who left comments and took our poll, everyone was quite concerned. 24 out the 37 votes from our readers thought Derek brought home a new truck and you were right! He totally got me and I should have known better that he would bring home a truck. Do not delay a man from his mountains he will turn into a bear.



Awesome truck, right? Just kidding. Although, I would have loved to own this truck. I have a mild obsession with the Zombie Apocalypse and it has its own Facebook page. I guess I am going to keep dreaming about the Zombie truck.

Drum roll please……..



Derek brought home a Black 2008 Ford F250 4X4 Diesel 4 door truck. I feel like we just added another room to our house. It has so much room compared to our single cab 2003 Ford F250. And on top of more room, Zoe now has a whole back seat to herself. I feel like it is much safer now that she is in the backseat. The truck is rated to pull 12,500 lbs, which is much higher than what our trailer weighs. Honestly, I can’t even feel the trailer behind us when we are driving.

So we are back on the road again after a 2 day delay. We had to finish up some paperwork at the dealership in Oklahoma City and we were able to leave at noon. Next stop, DENVER! Want to help us name our new truck? So far we have Black Sabbath(since it was bought on a saturday) and Black Widow. Leave a comment below with your suggestion.

Guess who is a happy camper again?


7 thoughts on “Truck Saga Part Deux

  1. ColesCruising says:

    Very nice truck! You really did leave us all in a pickle yesterday. Now you’re going to have to update your cover photo with the new truck. For a name.. I’d call it the DMZ! Derek, Monica, Zoe.

  2. TN Gma says:

    Glad to see Derek with a smile on his face. 🙂

    My choice of names for the truck:

    The Raven
    Ebony (the truck) & Ivory (the Rv)
    Black Magic
    The Black Knight
    The Sable Giant

  3. maliasmiles says:

    I’m so glad it’s all working out for y’all, Monica! Glad that you all have more room and safer transportation now.

    Oh, and I love TN Gma’s suggestion of Black Magic!

  4. Chuck CT Goss says:

    I’m Chuck Goss, and I approve that truck! Can’t wait to haul some brush in it!

    +1 for Ebony (and Ivory)

    I’ll throw in:
    Black Betty
    Babe the Black Ox (since Derek looks like Paul Bunyan right now)

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