9 States and 2 countries in 2 weeks. A Picture Story from Road Map to Nomad


June 6 Austin, Texas-Launch off from Pecan Grove in Austin, Texas.


June 7 Norman, Oklahoma-We came to Oklahoma for this wedding. My brother and my new Sister in Law.


June 9 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Stuck for a few days because of the truck saga and bought this new truck.


June 10 Near the Oklahoma/Kansas border- Back on the road again after a 3 day delay and Zoe is digging the new truck.


Kansas-We pretty much drove straight through this state as fast as we could to catch up to our regular scheduled Colorado.


Plus, I grew up in Kansas and had seen enough of western Kansas to last me a lifetime. At least Derek let me drive the rig across the flat lands.


June 10 Denver, Colorado-Cherry Creek State Park.


June 11 Loveland, Colorado- Derek’s first day back at work, looked something like this.


Stop talking to me Sign…….I already know this.

Loveland, Colorado We spent some time with my cousin Sara and her husband, but for the life of me I can’t remember if we took any pictures. Oh well, we had good times discussing the worlds problems.


June 13 Wyoming-How on Earth, in the middle of BFE Wyoming, the least populated state, does this guy pass us on the highway? *Disclaimer: I may or may not have worked for this company in my previous corporate life.


Wyoming: Indian for wind storms and runs with windy beards. We had to pull over a few times.


Zoe is unphased by our white knuckle driving.


June 14 Utah- Great place to pull over and go for a little hike.


Zoe didn’t like the view from the top. She said, “It was no Colorado view.”


Utah-We had every intention to stay in Salt Lake City for a few days, instead we drove through in order to have a couple extra days in Idaho. So all we got was this lousy picture. *grin*


June 15 Boise, Idaho We had to dry camp for one night. This is what the travel trailer looks like when we can’t put out the slide.


We found a nice little brew pub downtown Boise after the farmers market. Enjoyed a sampler of beers.


Zoe insisted on trying one of daddy’s siiracha and lime hot wings. Oh, honey do you need some milk? Parent Fail.


Zoe’s first baseball game


Another Parenting Fail. Zoe grabs Dr. Pepper, runs around for 5 minutes, lays down and falls asleep immediately. Great……A picture of Zoe’s first soda experience.

June 19 Oregon-Only drove through the northeast tip, but plan on spending a week there after Canada.


Eating stamps from an activity bag I made her, I should really keep a better eye on this kid. Parenting Fail AGAIN.


June 20 Somewhere in Washington- Stopped traffic on the highway? People walking their dogs, riding bikes and helicopters flew over. Zombie Apocalypse? No just some standard rock blasting that lasted 2 hours!


Don’t worry, Zoe is going to drive us the rest of the way to Seattle.


June 21 Seattle, Washington- Say something witty about the space needle.


Music Museum in Seattle-Outfits from musicals and muscians.




I have confession. I love Britney Spears, there I said it. This is the outfit that changed everything for her.

Zoe drumming it up with Derek

Giant Splash Pad

June 22 We left Seattle on a low note, we were suppose to spend some time with Derek’s old friend, however she had some tragic news and had to fly out immediately.


Crossing the border. Super stressful. 

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