We are nomads AGAIN!


We are back to being nomads AGAIN!

So instead of organizing our move into the RV, I am staying up really late to tell all of you what has been going on.

First, Derek and I got married…did I already tell you that? 06/26/14…..we will be celebrating our one year anniversary soon. Super informal wedding, had to stand up in front of a judge for 2 mins to recite our vowels. That was way to long, how do brides stand up there for 30 minutes? After our Justice of the Peace nuptials, we headed to our favorite food truck park to celebrate with friends.

06272014__ 187 - Copy

06272014__ 010 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

06272014__ 157 - Copy - Copy

06272014__ 029 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Photo Credit: Amy Dark



Second, Derek had a few job changes which landed him the perfect job to be able to travel again. He has to be in the office for 9 months out of the year, in Austin(oh darn) and 3 months can be used to work remotely. So far the idea is to leave every summer…right when it gets to be tooo flippin hot here in Austin. We will have the best of both worlds.

Next, we welcomed our second baby girl to our family. Zelda came earthside in February, born at home and in the water. Zoe is a great big sister and wants to hold baby sister all day. (warning: if you do not like pictures of raw birth, you should probably skip ahead)


Photo Credit: An Infinite Moment Photography


Photo Credit: An Infinite Moment Photography



sleeping sisters


Next, we moved out of our rental house. This was much more difficult emotionally than I had expected. Maybe it is the postpartum hormones, but I have cried a few times thinking about leaving this house. This is where Zelda was born….this house will be forever be in my memories.


Last, we upgraded the RV to fit our lifestyle better. Derek really needed a better place to work, and with the new RV he will get his own room and door to hide behind during office hours. I am sure we will do some modifications soon. And if I do, I will post pictures of the 2015 Primetime Avenger 32 BIT.

IMG_0337 (1)


Can not wait to tell you where we are going this summer. Launch off date: May 30! One more week!


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