Separated, Divorce, Betrayal, Deceitful

These words are used to describe my last 6 months of life. It has thrown me for a curve ball that I didn’t see coming. Heck, I wasn’t even playing the same game. I have to admit my marriage was far from perfect and by no means was I speaking up nearly as much as I should have done.

And where do I even begin? Should I start from the day I got bite by a black widow spider? Or maybe I should start with the month before that when I had my first suspicions? Or maybe I should start ALL THE WAY BACK to the first time we met. Since all the lies started there.

Or maybe I will just start and it will all come out eventually.

Chapter 1.  The Spider Bite

One thought on “Separated, Divorce, Betrayal, Deceitful

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have long been curious about your spider bite since I saw the comments on FB. I am eager to know more….and saddened that your life has taken this difficult turn. But I am also confident of your courage and resolve as you set the example of a strong woman for your beautiful daughters.

    Writing has always been very healing and cathartic for me. I hope the same proves true for you…

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