Day 9 Austin, TX


It is freaking cold here in Austin. So what to do to heat our bones up? We cooked ALL day. Great thing about cooking in the RV, it is an easy way to heat up the trailer without using the furnace. Bad thing about cooking in the RV…..Bacon.


Cooking bacon in a regular house means that shit will linger for at least a few days. Cooking in the RV…..that means everything smells of BACON. Zoe’s hair smelled of bacon all day. mmmmmm sweet smell of baby and bacon. 🙂

Derek cooked an amazing Beef Bourguignon (said in my best french accent) with garlicky mashed potatoes. The perfect meal for a very cold day. It was a commitment and he proved we can still cook about anything in our little kitchen.

Later that night, I made a quick break to the corner store to pick up some salsa and smelled this weird sewer smell. Thought maybe it was time to dump the black tank. “Shitter is full” I have been wanting to say that for a long time. Derek checked our tank and it was only 2/3 full. So what was that weird smell? About an hour later we got a knock at our door. Another RVer was walking by and smelled the same thing, thought it might be coming from our neighbor. Derek checked his propane tank, since they were out for the evening and discovered that one of their valves on their propane tank was busted. Once our neighbor came home and discovered the propane tank was pretty much empty, and it was supposed to get below freezing that night, we offered to let him have one of our tanks. We have two, we could spare one for the NIGHT…..or so we thought.

All day cooking meant a very warm trailer and a great warm slumber until 5 AM. Zoe woke up especially early today and that meant I have to get up too. I stuck my foot out of the bunk and it immediately turned to ice. Oh No….. the furnace was blowing cold air. I went to the stove top to light it to make a cup of coffee…….no flame. We were out of propane! No good deed goes unpunished.

I woke up Derek and he had a great idea. I grabbed Zoe, wrapped her and I in a blanket and sleeping bag and sat down to watch Sesame Street. Meanwhile, Derek ran to a 24 hour Wal-mart and bought us a space heater. We desperately needed one, we were just dragging our feet in going to Wal-mart to get one. Daddy to the rescue, he came home with a SAFE to touch space heater, coffee AND breakfast.

Note to blog:

Cooking is a great way to heat up the RV without using a lot of propane.

A 20 lb tank of propane lasts us about a week.

It cost us right around $15.00 to fill up the tank. Need to put this in our budget.

I leave you with a video of Zoe, one of the great things about the RV, Zoe can take a bath while I finish doing dishes.

Zoe’s bath time.

Day 5 Austin, Texas

I think I have finally started to get into the swing of things after our first night was hell or so I thought. I was determined to cook our traditional Christmas Eve appetizers and have our dear friend Amanda over for drinks and entertaining. I always do this to myself…..why would I cook ONE thing, when I can cook 4 things to test out the new kitchen.

First lessons learned…
The kitchen sink is so small and not only do I have to do a dishes after every process, I also have to dry each dish and immediately put it away.

Because there is no counter space, I am constantly having to play musical surfaces with things to have enough room to prep.

None of the cookie sheets I had at the old house fit into our really small oven, so I got creative and used the top to my dutch oven to bake cookies, needless to say they were slightly

Our tiny oven gets extremely hot, once I finally figured out how to light the damn pilot light!

After my third round of dishes, the sink faucet popped off and squirted water everywhere. That was a fun sight.

Things I love about the RV….
Before the RV, how much time did I spend running around the house looking for things? Now everything is in reach.

It is so much easier to keep the RV clean, can’t really be a slob because you may need a place to sit or sleep.

We met our neighbors, and after our horrible first night, they helped us laugh about what had happen the night before. David and Teri have been full timing for 8+ months. Glad we got
“stuck” by them. Their story is eerie identical to ours, minus the kiddo.

The RV means we are flexible. We can change the scenery anytime. And although we do have a planned move at the beginning of the yea to Pecan Grove, we really like this park and may come back.

The RV is quite cozy and always being in the same approximately to your loved ones. This might be a problem, but we will see.

Having to use the RV park restroom and shower facilities….is awesome. Other RVers might not agree, but as a mother of a 1 year old it is amazing. 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to
myself with out a baby crying….without Zoe peaking in and creeping on me in the shower, without her wanting to sit on my lap while I use the “chair.”

Next project is to get a video tour of the RV, so our family can see the inside our rig. It will happen soon, I promise.