Its been quite a year…2014 updates and plans for 2015.

Zoe woke up the other day asking IF we still had our RV. She was concerned that we had lost it. She must have had a crazy dream about traveling. She asked when are we going to get back in the RV again, mommy??????

Good Question kid!

It has been almost exactly a year since my last blog post. 2014 for our family has been a year of settling down. We have been in the same house for over a year now, Derek and I got married, Derek changed jobs a few times and I started a new job.

But our biggest news is we are adding another baby nomad to our family soon. As I am writing this, I am 38 weeks pregnant and ready for this new baby to get here.

Just because we are having another baby doesn’t mean we want to stop traveling.

So after the year of settling, now we are feeling the need to travel again. We have decided to head out in June and get back in the RV.

We are still coming up with our travel plans but think we are heading north again to Canada.

zoe hiking

Our favorite hiking spot near our house, The Barton Creek Greenbelt.

37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant


Our wedding day

Zoes 3rd birthday

Zoe’s 3rd Birthday

monica's bday

My birthday murder mystery dinner party.

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We are giving up…maybe a tiny bit.

Written on Sept 18 way to late that evening.

We are giving up…..well not entirely true. We are stopping for now…traveling by RV that is.

It is hard to write this post and I have put it off way too long. As in the words of Tupac “Things will always be changing.” Yes Tupac things be changing for the Smeetings.

Derek has accepted a new job with a start up tech company called Vobi. Super cool things are happening and it was a chance of a lifetime for him to be a part of brand new technology.

Downside is that it is not a remote job. Upside the company is based in Austin, Texas. The place where we have called home for so many years.

It is weird to think that the day that I am writing this is also the day we bought the RV one year ago today. So much has changed in a year for us and it took us so long to get into the trailer and on the road.

I am really lost as to what to do with the blog, I don’t want to give up on it just yet. I know that in our hearts we are adventure seeking whores so it will be no time again until we come up with our next big idea. But as many readers are looking at us for inspiration to live life on the road….what if we are not doing that anymore…will people still read the blog? I know that many friends and family will  be interested in what we are doing but others I am afraid this blog may be lost.

This above post was written and never posted, I had been so lost as what to do but as of yesterday I think we know our next direction.

We had an incident yesterday that completely pissed me off.

The back story. I made our winter reservations at Pecan Grove RV park in Austin back in May. They were made for Sept 13-December 31, the only thing we had to do is leave for a two week period during the music festival, Austin City Limits. No big deal.  If you recall, it was hard to get in here the first time. but we did it.  All reservations for this park are done on paper with a PENCIL, usually only 3 months in advance or so they say. No computers, no phone numbers, no credit cards, no confirmation  number…..nothing just a piece of paper and a pencil. While we were on the road Derek had to come back to Austin for a few days and physically walked into Pecan Grove to verify that we had reservations for September- December.  The man behind the counter said YES and Derek saw that paper calender with our name on it.

I walked in yesterday to pay rent for the week and to make sure we were set to leave on October 3 and for our return on October 15 after Austin City Limits Music Festival. The man fumbled with the paper calender for a bit and looked up and said sorry I don’t have your reservation.

“What do you mean you don’t have our reservation???????”

It was gone. It was erased. It was no longer there and that paper calender had every single day scratched on with some other persons name in PENCIL.  I looked up at him with a metaphoric tear in my eye and said “What are we suppose to do now?” I knew our days at Pecan Grove were coming to an end. They had erased us for a reason. You can tell me all day it wasn’t on purpose but I know it was. I had heard grumblings from other monthly neighbors that they would never let us stay here long term because we had a child.  I had others tell me that we would get a spot here….when our daughter is 18 years old. I always felt like were being judged for having a kid. We were told from the beginning that it was not a “child friendly” park. Like our daughter was some type of aggressive dog breed that no one wanted to be around.  “NO PITS AND NO KIDS” is what the sign should read on the door.

Derek tried to go back into the office and find out what had happened. But it was to late.  We knew we were leaving no matter what they said, It was time for us to move on. I know that everyone loves this  park. The location is wonderful the residents are amazing but something is going on in that office. The managers are leaving at the end of the year which has me thinking that maybe this park is in its last few months/year. Every single square inch of property outside of the park is being developed and there have been rumors for years that this place will be bought and turned into condos, much like the fate of the other RV park that was down the street.

Derek walked back into the RV and announced get your shoes on we are going to go check out a new RV park, Lonestar RV Park.  Luckily for us they were able to accommodate us in the next couple of weeks while we figure out a more permanent situation. Did I mention they have a pool, and not 1 but 2 playground areas oh and some of our friends are there now with their 3 daughters. And they have cabins for rent, so if we have family coming in for the holidays,  they could stay in the cabins and not be right on top of us. (Hint, Hint Grandparents) The downside is we are not going to be in that fabulous location and Derek’s commute to work will be about 5 miles longer.  However, at Pecan Grove we were paying for location and nothing else. So now we will have more amenities at half the price.

This will  help us save up for our next dream.

Land for a tiny house community. Land for a mountain bike trail. Land to build an urban camping experience. Land for a shipping container community. Look…we all can dream, right?

So the direction of the blog is still up in the air but our direction has shifted to a more sustainable community living project. Maybe there are more people out there that want to join a tiny community revolution. I feel like RV nomads and tiny house dwellers might be cut  from the same cloth.

Road Map to Nomad and Nomad to Tiny House Dweller is to long of a website name, right? Until next blog I hope that you stick around to follow our next dream.


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Do We Really Have Room For That?

Derek, my partner in crime, has a problem. He is what you might call an  impulse buyer.  It never really bothered me…until we started living in 230 sq. ft. Now it bothers me. Before in our sticks and brick house, he had his “own” room, I just shoved everything in that room and thought “out of sight, out of mind.” I can not do that anymore, almost every nook and cranny is taken up with Zoe’s toys, our clothes and that Costco toilet paper stash under our bed. See why I have that stash here.

I have never had a problem with spending money, I just have a rule.

“You bring something new into the RV, you must take something out and donate it”

Simple right? I get a new pair of shoes, I donate an old pair. Zoe gets a new toy, I donate like 50 old toys as often as I can.

Derek might not follow this simple rule.

The First Offense

Derek tried to find a way to bring our two hard shelled sea kayaks with us on the road. I said they were not worth fooling with for now. Who wants to climb up on the RV to put those kayaks on the roof, let alone drilling into the roof for the kayak rack. I tried to convince him, IF we really need a kayak we should get an inflatable kayak or just rent them. The look of horror on his face, you would have thought I told him Zoe, our daughter, wasn’t his after all. There was no way he would buy an inflatable kayak, they were not good enough. Fine. It was settled, hard kayaks stay in storage, if we want to kayak we would rent.

We weren’t even 3 weeks on the road yet. We end up at an REI in Seattle, their flagship headquarters store, at 8:30 PM, the night before we are heading to Whistler for a month. Just in case you don’t know what an REI store sells, think of an outdoor adventure store, meets a badass bike stop, meets an LL Bean. Did I mention the store closes at 9 PM. Did I mention we went for rain paints and a fanny pack waist purse.  So an hour after they closed, we were the last people rung up, we walked out of the store with an INFLATABLE kayak, paddles, life jackets for the whole family, fanny pack, and NO RAIN PANTS.

The Second Offense

I woke up one Saturday morning in Whistler and Derek had already been up for a few hours it seemed. Which is not that that out of the ordinary, since I refuse to get up until Zoe wakes up. But he had a factitious smile on his face. What did you do? I asked.

“I may OR may not have purchased a new computer.”

What? Where the Eff  are we going to put that? Yeah like we really need that I said, you are joking right? Nope, he wasn’t. It was being shipped as we spoke, thanks a lot Amazon Prime. Because of you, we can get almost anything in 2 days now. Effing great. All I could think about was I barely have room to cook in this RV and I spend most time trying to keep it clutter free. Plus, you know what computers come with, cords. And do you know what cords do, they piss me off.

Go ahead, go clink on this link so you can see my own personal hell. I will wait. Do you see what I mean?

I demanded wanted to know his reasoning behind this purchase.

“I want to make and edit better videos” 

Maybe this would be a good time to mention my OTHER rule for living in the RV.

“No one thing can have only one purpose”

So I can name several things in my RV that have duel purposes. Name anything and I can tell you its second purpose.

Just a few examples in case you are wondering.

Our bed is a slumber heaven by night and a desk, clean laundry surface, cord holder by day.


Our stove is a cooking machine by day and a storage container for our pots and pans by night.


Zoe’s bed is her space by night but our store all by day.


I dare you to name one thing in the RV that does not have a dual purpose. (I expect some comments challenging me)

Back to the new computer situation. “You mean to tell me you bought a NEW computer for ONE sole purpose to make and edit videos.” *face palm* These better be some great videos.  These videos better show our awesome adventures. These videos better make us famous on YouTube.

Done. He says.

Guess who is up late at night, learning  how to edit videos of our INFLATABLE kayak adventures, jamming to some Bloody Beetroots, while blogging on this huge MF screen . ME! This new computer rocks. I have been blogging the last year from my iPad and wireless keyboard. Because I wanted my iPad to have a dual purpose,

Consume internet content by day and produce my blog by night. See DUAL purpose theme.  I will be finding some of Derek’s personal items to donate shortly and I owe him a BIG FAT apology for doubting him.

Hello, My Name is Monica and I have a problem,  I love my  impulse buyer, Derek.

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5 things that I DISLIKE about the RV

A really great, honest friend came over to the RV for a play date and we started discussing the things I hate about the RV. She asked why I never post the real and gross things about living in the RV…well here it is all the shit(pun intended) that sucks.

DISLIKES, a super short list.

1. Testing toilet paper. Only certain toilet papers can go down the sewer holding tank. So we have to “jar test” every roll to make sure it dissolves quickly. So going to the grocery store and picking out toilet paper is always a crap shoot. You would think by now I would have a list of the “approved” toilet papers, but I always forget to write it down. To learn more about jar testing, check out this video by RV geeks.

2. Our King size bed touches all sides of the wall, so changing the sheets is always a yoga class. Basically someone would have to poop on it before I will change the sheets. Totally joking.

3. Poop still stinks, but it really stinks when you are always 5 feet from the bathroom. No amount of spray can cover that smell. If anything,  it just smells like poop and berries after you use one of those awful sprays.

4. Fridge is super small and I always have to play Tetris after I go to the grocery store. With no extra space I can never over buy at the grocery store.

5. Constantly bumping your head on cabinets. Derek and I are tall people, so if someone leaves a cabinet door open, there is a good chance someone is going to hit their head.

I know I said 5….but here is one more to think about.

6. Filling up your toilet before you go to the bathroom. In a sticks and bricks home, your toilet bowl water is already at the appropriate water level. In an RV, you have to fill it to a certain level so that all poop and toilet paper will go down better. Something I always forget to do and I always regret the outcome. Gross….but it is a reality.

My Hit List of Bloggers

So I have not felt inspired lately. We have settled into a routine, we have been parked at the same RV Park for a month and plan on spending another month here. No pretty sunset pictures, not much to do around the park and I am still trying to figure out this whole Stay At Home Mom thing. Needless to say I have been in a slump with writing. On the flip side, Zoe and I have had some awesome days spent playing outside, glorious playdates and exploring all the free things to do in Austin.

However, I got to thinking why not write about the people who inspire me, make me laugh so hard I pee my pants, even make me cry and these bloggers make me want to be a better writer. I follow travel bloggers, mommy bloggers, lacativist bloggers, birth/midwife/doula bloggers, simplest bloggers, gay single dad bloggers, attach parenting bloggers and organizing bloggers. So grab some tissues and an extra pair of underwear(just in case you pee your pants) because we are going to explore the many bloggers who make me laugh and cry.

Travel Blogs

This was my first resource for dreaming about living the nomadic life. I stayed up one night and read their ebook, “No Excuses, Go Nomadic,” cover to cover, and realized we could live in an RV NOW! This couple gives monthly streaming talks about life in an RV, has written travel apps, interviews other nomads and constantly writing about the good and the bad of life on the road. Although I have never met them, but hope to some day, they are sort of the celebrity RV couple in the subculture of nomads. Have not met another RVer our age that has not heard of the technomads.

Gone with the Wynns
I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with their videos. I use to come home from my 9-5 job and watch their youtube channel when I was still dreaming of living the travel lifestyle. Go check it out. I will wait. (((((time lapse with a great montage))))) Awesome videography huh? Okay one last video, this is my favorite and holds a special place in my heart. I was camp counselor in Maine and this was my first big hike up Cadillac mountain, the first place in America to see the sunrise.

A Life Made Simple
Wishing I could remember how this blog was found. There has been countless nights awake nursing a baby and I just start wondering around the internet. Most of it is crap or not important. And then there is moments where you sit up in bed and say. Oh My God…this person is just like me. That is this blog. It is a travel blog but it is also a parenting blog, which is where my blog sort of fits into.

Nomadic Jesters
This women literally runs about 18 different Facebook groups about various nomadic topics, blogs, writes newsletters, so lets just say she is super involved in the digital world of networking. If you dream of living the nomadic lifestyle, this is the blog to follow and connect with.

Cheddar Yeti
An off beat couple who urbanize the RV experience and add some flair with their foodie photographs.

The Roaming Pint
A unique blend of travel and beer. I follow this couple mainly because they are fellow jayhawkers(Kansas) and I can be a beer snob. If I had a party, this would be the people who bring the best beer and leave it in my fridge! Plus, are you looking for a unique gift for a beer snob? Well you should check out their unique upcycled merchandise.

Boyink Travels
“This was the first family we met with face to face to discuss how they did everything. We took away from that meeting, that we were ready to make the plunge.

“Why would a family give up a comfortable middle-class existence in the second happiest town in the USA? The short answer is because we can. Besides that – the desire to meet people & see places. The realization that our kids only have a few years left at home with us. And a desire for the adventure of a lifetime. Now – before old age and ill health kick in”

Mommy Blogs

Baby Sideburn-The Things I Wish I could Say Blog
This blogger had me at F*CK. She writes about and says the things that I often filter in my mind. She cusses, she bitches about parenting, and tells it like it is. Not everything about parenting is simple, kind and loving, most of the time it is a WTF moment? Oh and did I mention she loves lists, when ever she is ranting it usually is in a list form. My favorite quote from her

“Tents are F’ing Awesome. Until a kid farts in them and then they become a dutch oven”

I suggest you follow her on her Facebook page so you can read her awesome thoughts throughout the day, not just her blogs. On numerous occasions I have almost peed my pants reading her posts.

Parenting Blogs

The Progressive Parent- Alternative Parenting Blog
This one is where you might need a tissue. I have been following this mother for awhile, her son was around the same age as my daughter and I always felt connected to her style of parenting. She lost her son a few weeks ago to Sudden Unexplained Child Death. It is heartbreaking and I have cried several times while reading her blogs. She truly is a wonderful, beautiful writer and the pain and grief is there and in your face. Sometimes it is to unbearable to read her blogs, but it makes me appreciate all that I have around me even more.

Peaceful Parenting Blog
I started following this blog while pregnant after trying to read “What To Expect While Expecting” If you have this book and you are expecting….throw it the away. This is a much more natural, gentler way of parenting. Great resource for everything from intact sons to vaccinations to normal weaning age for breastfeeding.

Activist Blogs
The Leaky B@@b
The Feminist Breeder

Little House on the Praire Living
100 Thing Challenge
Single Dad Laughing

Note to Blog: If I could get even half of these people in the same room for a bitchin party, I would never have another party again.

Final Thought:
I counted all the blogs I read, I may have an addiction.

Disclaimer: Anything in quotes above is not my thought, but the thought from the author.

1 Month Anniversary of Living in the RV

So yep we have been living in the RV for 1 month now and I am ready to move back into a hous……errrr wait a minute. No I am not, I love living in the RV. I could write a huge list of the reasons why the RV is awesome, but I also want you to know that it is not always rainbow and butterflies at the homestead. There are definitely a few things I miss about our old life. Here….I made a list

1. Unlimited Streaming Internet- I miss this dearly at night, when I am ready to watch my TV shows on Hulu Plus. Oh well, I guess I need someone to tell me what happens in Parenthood, does the mom die from cancer?

2. Counter Space- I miss this for two reasons. 1) Zoe loved to sit on the counter with me and help cook dinner. She can no longer do this because I need all limited counter space for cooking. 2) I need room to chop, to mix, to put dirty dishes, etc. I am always playing musical surfaces.

3. Our giant couch, or what we referred to as our couch bed. It was a large oversized sectional with an ottoman. Derek and I are large tall people. I am 5’10 and Derek is 6’3, us trying to sit on the love seat in the RV can be quite comical. This might have to be our first modification in the RV.

4. King Size Bed-we all slept together in that bed. It would have been nice to find an RV with a king size bed, we can save that upgrade for later.

5. Backyard- Zoe is finally at the age where all she wants to do is run and run away from her parents. If we had a back yard this would be a fun game. if you are in a busy RV park, not so much fun. A backyard would give Zoe a little more freedom and us a little less worrisome. Maybe I could find a leash and some rope and we can tie her up like people do with their dogs around here……completely joking.

So there you have it my short list of the things I miss, however my list of things of love is much longer.

Is There Such Thing as RV Etiquette?

I think I might have broken one of the “rules” of RV parks. First night, I cut through our neighbors yard to get to the bathroom. It was cold, I had a sick baby….excuses, I know. I later thought about it while on the latrine, if this was a bricks and sticks house, I would have never cut through someone’s front yard to get to the opposite side, so why should I do this at the RV park. And that is when I found this blog post for RV Etiquette.

Are there other cardinal rules we are breaking as noobs? Alright new neighbors and fellow RV friends…this is your chance to let us know what we need to do, to stay with code with other fellow RVers.


The Debt is Holding Us Back

“The debt is holding us back”

Luckily this is not a statement that has held us back in our household when we decided to live nomadic. But I often hear this from other people and it annoys me. I can live with all the other excuses, my partner would never do this, my family could never do this, I don’t like the unknown, etc. But the one that irks at me is “I have to much debt to live YOUR lifestyle.” I think people would rather just live with their debt and worry about it than actually get rid of it. Because our society has made us think that we need all these things that we can not afford. The House, the cars, the furniture, the gadgets, the education(when was the last time you met someone who paid for their education, without taking out loans)And on top of all this, we think that we are suppose to have “good” debt. Or my other favorite, “my house mortgage, my car loans and student loans don’t count as debt, because we have to have these to live. WELL HONEY THAT IS STILL DEBT. I fell victim to this thought process until I sat down and really looked at MY debt, my budget, my financial decisions and my bank account. A little help from Dave Ramsey Program and I was ready to sit down and tackle this DEBT of mine. Here is what my pile of Debt Shit looked like.

Sallie Mae $32,323 (student loans, all subsidized)
GE Money $3600 (a loan I took out to get corrective eye surgery, so stupid)
Various Credit Cards $4650
Diversified Loans (2 loans I took out against my 401K to go on vacation, so stupid) $5000
Total : $45,573.
No car loan and no home mortgage. Never had these because seriously, my credit score was horrible.

I was pregnant with Zoe and getting ready to make a huge change in my life and it needed to happen quickly to get this debt paid off as quickly as possible.

First, when Derek and I moved in together, we also moved in with roommates. Splitting household finances and expenses made a huge difference in how much money I could throw at my Shit Debt pile. Most people could never fathom doing this at my age.

Secondly, I took out the same amount of cash each paycheck and used that for my weekly meals, entertainment and any other odds and ends. I got rid of anything I didn’t absolutely need. Cable, auto pays for things such as data, magazines, websites, etc. Luckily I was pregnant and all I wanted to do was be at home nesting.

Third, I built up an emergency fund of $1000 and got rid of all credit cards, once the balance was paid off. No longer using credit cards for gas, grocery, shopping etc was an adjustment. I was always told to buy those types of things on your credit cards and pay them off quickly, so that you can build UP your credit score. That is such Bullshit!

Lastly, I stuck to my budget and if I really wanted to buy something, I put it in my budget and I waited until the next paycheck to buy it. Most likely after waiting two weeks I no longer wanted that item.

There is way more to the “7 baby steps of Dave” but I was able to skip a few because of my situation. I started this program April 2011 and year to date I have paid off over $31,000! My last debt is to Sallie Mae for $14, 232.

Next time I hear, ” I could never do what you are doing, I have to much debt.” I am going to smack them and than hand them a Dave Ramsey book and say to them “Sure you can live this way… just choose to live in your own SHIT debt pile instead.”