Yellow Brick Road to the Golden Road.

First two weeks on the road have been spent with mostly family. We stopped in Wichita, Kansas for a week where we spent time catching up with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and plus all the Great-relatives. 

The girls and I explored the exploration place, rode a ferris wheel at Riverfest and spent a hot afternoon at a splash pad. 

Osage Splash pad with cousin Lilly

Most nights in Wichita were spent with my brother and his gang. Shameless plug, please click on the link if you would like to support and help my brothers family purchase a new van for their two handicapped children, Hannah and Maddy.

GoFundME for Hannah and Maddy.

My niece Titus with my dad.

I met up with my Uncle Hammer and Aunt T for some yummy fried chicken at Strouds. I haven’t been to that restaurant since my senior prom.  My Aunt T brought me this present!


Most would look at this and find it ugly but to me this is a glimpse into my childhood. Many days were spent at our family lake cabin, and this Mexican folk art was hanging in the common area. I remember looking at the colors and the yarn, remembering how beautiful it was. It now holds a special place in my heart because the mother in this artwork is baby wearing and has braids. If you have ever met me than you will know I am always wearing a baby and most days I am sporting braids. My easy mom hair do.  

By Saturday we were ready to hit the road again. 

We have a new rule this summer. We are not traveling more than 4 hours per day and no setting up in the dark. We learned the hard way last time we traveled for the summer. With the new baby this seems more realistic for our family. We travel 2 hours, take a break, gas up and than travel 2 more hours. 

With only travel 4 hours a day, we landed ourselves in Oakley, Kansas at High Plains RV parkThe wind was horrible in Western Kansas and we welcomed the break. The RV park was what I would expect to see in Western Kansas and served its purpose as a place to stop on our way to Denver. A little hidden gem is the restaurant pub located in the RV park called Cap’n Jacks. The drinks were great and the food was even better. It was a nice little surprise. 

My sweet family at Cap’n Jacks in Oakley, Kansas.

On Sunday, we made our way to Golden, Colorado. A nice little town right on the foot hills of the rocky mountains. More famously known for the Coors brewery in town. We have been staying at Dakota Ridge RV Resort and although I was skeptical about this park, it has been really nice. Side note: during my planing process of where we are going to stay in the RV, I first head to the GoodSam website and than from there I read the reviews of the Rv park on The reviews for Dakota Ridge were either 5 stars or 2 stars. It was either the worst park someone had stayed in or the best. We tend to stay in parks closer to bigger cities, so we are used to small RV spaces and less shade.

Dakota Ridge RV park has its own little “mountain”


View from the top of the little mountain.

We also chose this park due to its proximity to Arvada (small suburb west of Denver), where my cousin just recently purchased a house. It sounds like the Denver market is super competitive just like Austin. 

I was also able to catch up with an old high school friend. Who just happened to name her dog…..Zelda! Go check out her handmade wares including yoga bags, earrings and small purses at KatMandu Designs. It so cool to think that pretty much every state we go to, we can find a friend to hangout with.

Baby Zelda meets the puppy Zelda.

Catching up with Mandy from high school.

Yesterday was spent at Heritage Park, where instead of paying a park entrance fee and then riding all the rides you want, their concept was to pay for only the rides you wanted to ride. Which was perfect since baby and I could only ride the train and the carousel.


Train ride at Heritage Park.


Carousel ride at Heritage park

We have spent most of our last day in Golden catching up on life and getting ready to move the RV tomorrow. Two more sleeps until we are in Jackson, Wyoming with our friends!

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Pecan Grove RV Park Review

Pecan Grove RV Park
1518 Barton Springs Rd  Austin, TX 78704
Local:512- 472-1067
website: none

OFFICE HOURS M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm Sat. 9:00am to 2:00pm Sun. Closed

My goal is to write a review for each park we stay and based on this criteria:
1. Park Amenities
2. Staff and Services
3. Connection to Wi-Fi
4. Price 5. Park Location

1. Park Amenities– Restrooms with Showers, Laundry and Small Lounge Area in the office. I only used the restroom once and never used the showers. They were older community showers and restrooms and I have become use to using our shower. I really hate lugging my shower stuff back and forth. Derek used the shower a few times, he wasn’t impressed and started using our own shower. We did our laundry a billion times during our stay and it cost us roughly $2.00 per load.

2. Staff and Services– The staff is friendly however I was told we could never get a monthly spot because we have children. I guess the full timer monthly spots don’t want screaming kids around. Which makes me wonder where we are going to live once we come back from our travels. We tried to extend our stay for the month of February, however everything going on in Austin in Febuary and March, Pecan Grove is booked solid. So we will be back for April and May.

3. Connection to Wi-Fi Wi-Fi was included in our weekly fees, however we were unable to connect unless we were outside our RV. So far we are 0 -2 on the park Wi-Fi working.

4. Price Because we could not get a monthly spot and apparently no one can (Some people have been living in the RV Park for 15+ years. We ended up spending $225 per week for 4 weeks. They do not have a website you so you need to call ahead to make reservations and they only take reservations 3 months in advance.

5. Park Location This is what makes up for everything else. Location, Location Location! Just a bridge south of downtown Austin, there really is no where better to stay in Austin. You are within short walking distance to Zilker Park, many restaurants, and my favorite eating spot/grocery store Thom’s market.  There is also a new trailer food park, Barton Springs Neighborhood Food court, a new trailer food park that has live music on the weekends.

Next Review: Austin RV Park North


Oak Forest RV Park in Austin, Texas

8207 Canoga Avenue
Austin, Texas 78724
Phone: 1-800-478-7275
Local: 512-926-8984
Fax: 512-929-9134

M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm
Sat. 9:00am to 2:00pm
Sun. Closed

We are packing up the rig tomorrow and heading to our next RV park that we will call home for at least a month. Check out this story on how we had to get into our next destination. My goal is to write a review for each park we stay and based on this criteria:

1. Park Amenities
2. Staff and Services
3. Connection to Wi-Fi
4. Price
5. Park Location

Granted this is our first park so we don’t have much to compare. We have heard from other full timers that this is a great park. Please note that we stayed in the overnight area and the experience might be different in the more permanent sites.

Park Amenities

Individual Restrooms with Showers, Pool with Hot Tub, Laundry, Work Out Room, Small Lounge Area with Library, nice large Pavilion with grills and Fenced In Dog Park

We only used the Restroom with Showers, Hot Tub, Laundry and Small Lounge area in the office. We do not have a dog, too cold to use the pool and neither one of us has made our New Years resolution to work out any time soon.

The restroom/shower came in handy for many reasons, including our first night our daughter got sick and the close proximity of the restrooms made it easy for us to use them vs our own bathroom. They were also heated, which made that quite nice for your tush during the winter.
Derek used the hot tub almost every day while we were there, and enjoyed it during the colder nights in Austin.

We did our laundry 3 times during our stay and it cost us roughly $2.25 per load. Not sure how this compares to other parks.

Staff and Services
The staff was always super friendly and helpful with whatever we needed. They pick up your trash everyday by 9 am as long as you set it out by the end of your site. There was also an incident with our neighbors’ propane tank and security showed up and was quite extensive with the follow up.

Connection to Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is free for the overnight sites, although I could never get my iDevices to connect to the park internet and ended up using my data plan the whole stay. The days where I needed to work mobile, I went to the office and occupied a comfy chair for much of the day. Luckily, I only had to work two days from the office because of the holidays.

First off, we have Passport America and recommend this to anyone that is living full time in their RV. Our nightly rate Monday – Thursday was $22 and Friday- Sunday was full price $44. On top of that they were nice enough to give us a holiday discount and extended that $22 rate for our whole stay.

Park Location
The park is about 15 minutes from downtown Austin and not really located around much. The closest grocery store is about 10 minutes away. There is a mexican meat market on the corner that has a lot of basic veggies, fruit and some interesting cuts of meat. We tend to eat whole fruits and veggies and it was not quite up to the same selection we are used to having. Side note: There is a farm across the street and it appears to have a great selection of fruits, veggies, eggs and meat. However, they are closed and will reopen in March. I bet this would have been a great option for us if the farm stand would have been open.