Want To Meet Up?

One of the things about going on the road is not having our close connections in our community. But now that we have set the date, researched the shit out of  everything, we are going to need some mobile friends. We are quite a social couple and we do want to meet other people like us.

So send us an email, like our Facebook page, follow our blog or send us a fax. (I am kidding about that last one, who has a fax machine anymore) We want to connect with people who are mobile, who dream of being mobile or who just want to meet two crazy people following their dream of life on the road.


Road Map to Nomad Facebook Page

~~Monica, Derek and Zoe Mae~~

3 thoughts on “Want To Meet Up?

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi, Monica, I found your blog from the shout back from the Technomads, as I too am a loyal follower. (Also a blog addict! Flip Flop Vector is another of my favorites!) I read back through your blog, and really enjoyed the unfolding of your dream.

    I am headed for Austin the first week of April myself. I am supposed to have a reservation at Pecan Grove, but I had such an uneasy feeling trying to convince the guy to “Take my money, please!” and somehow guarantee my spot. I am relieved to hear you say that this is the “norm,” and will try to relax until April gets here and I can finally park! haha!

    I look forward to meeting you guys. I graduated from UT in 1979, and have not been back to the downtown area since, so I am really looking forward to my visit.

    All the best,

    • roadmaptonomad says:

      It is the norm and it still makes me nervous. I went into the office and double checked to make sure our reservation was still there. Yep it was, I need to stop worrying about it. Give me a shout when you get to Pecan Grove, let’s have dinner or go grab a margarita at Chuys!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi, Monica,

    Can you please offer suggestions on the best access into Pecan Grove? This is my first time towing, so I am a bit apprehensive.

    Mapquest is directing down First Street, across the Congress St Bridge, but I am thinking it might be best to stay on 35 until after I cross the river, then exit Riverside (I am coming southbound.)

    I am grateful for any advice you can offer.


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