Who Inspires Us?

My Hit List of Bloggers

Travel Blogs

This was my first resource for dreaming about living the nomadic life. I stayed up one night and read their ebook, “No Excuses, Go Nomadic,” cover to cover, and realized we could live in an RV NOW! This couple gives monthly streaming talks about life in an RV, has written travel apps, interviews other nomads and constantly writing about the good and the bad of life on the road. Although I have never met them, but hope to some day, they are sort of the celebrity RV couple in the subculture of nomads. Have not met another RVer our age that has not heard of the technomads.

Gone with the Wynns
I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with their videos. I use to come home from my 9-5 job and watch their youtube channel when I was still dreaming of living the travel lifestyle. Go check it out. I will wait. (((((time lapse with a great montage))))) Awesome videography huh? Okay one last video, this is my favorite and holds a special place in my heart. I was camp counselor in Maine and this was my first big hike up Cadillac mountain, the first place in America to see the sunrise.

A Life Made Simple
Wishing I could remember how this blog was found. There has been countless nights awake nursing a baby and I just start wondering around the internet. Most of it is crap or not important. And then there is moments where you sit up in bed and say. Oh My God…this person is just like me. That is this blog. It is a travel blog but it is also a parenting blog, which is where my blog sort of fits into.

Nomadic Jesters
This women literally runs about 18 different Facebook groups about various nomadic topics, blogs, writes newsletters, so lets just say she is super involved in the digital world of networking. If you dream of living the nomadic lifestyle, this is the blog to follow and connect with.

Cheddar Yeti
An off beat couple who urbanize the RV experience and add some flair with their foodie photographs.

The Roaming Pint
A unique blend of travel and beer. I follow this couple mainly because they are fellow jayhawkers(Kansas) and I can be a beer snob. If I had a party, this would be the people who bring the best beer and leave it in my fridge! Plus, are you looking for a unique gift for a beer snob? Well you should check out their unique upcycled merchandise.

Boyink Travels
“This was the first family we met with face to face to discuss how they did everything. We took away from that meeting, that we were ready to make the plunge.

gopetfriendly.com a couple on the road set out to find the dog friendliest spots. Great search engine for pet owners while traveling.

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