Its been quite a year…2014 updates and plans for 2015.

Zoe woke up the other day asking IF we still had our RV. She was concerned that we had lost it. She must have had a crazy dream about traveling. She asked when are we going to get back in the RV again, mommy??????

Good Question kid!

It has been almost exactly a year since my last blog post. 2014 for our family has been a year of settling down. We have been in the same house for over a year now, Derek and I got married, Derek changed jobs a few times and I started a new job.

But our biggest news is we are adding another baby nomad to our family soon. As I am writing this, I am 38 weeks pregnant and ready for this new baby to get here.

Just because we are having another baby doesn’t mean we want to stop traveling.

So after the year of settling, now we are feeling the need to travel again. We have decided to head out in June and get back in the RV.

We are still coming up with our travel plans but think we are heading north again to Canada.

zoe hiking

Our favorite hiking spot near our house, The Barton Creek Greenbelt.

37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant


Our wedding day

Zoes 3rd birthday

Zoe’s 3rd Birthday

monica's bday

My birthday murder mystery dinner party.

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Meeting Back Up with our Friends in Austin(September – October 2013)

Better late than never!

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We are giving up…maybe a tiny bit.

Written on Sept 18 way to late that evening.

We are giving up…..well not entirely true. We are stopping for now…traveling by RV that is.

It is hard to write this post and I have put it off way too long. As in the words of Tupac “Things will always be changing.” Yes Tupac things be changing for the Smeetings.

Derek has accepted a new job with a start up tech company called Vobi. Super cool things are happening and it was a chance of a lifetime for him to be a part of brand new technology.

Downside is that it is not a remote job. Upside the company is based in Austin, Texas. The place where we have called home for so many years.

It is weird to think that the day that I am writing this is also the day we bought the RV one year ago today. So much has changed in a year for us and it took us so long to get into the trailer and on the road.

I am really lost as to what to do with the blog, I don’t want to give up on it just yet. I know that in our hearts we are adventure seeking whores so it will be no time again until we come up with our next big idea. But as many readers are looking at us for inspiration to live life on the road….what if we are not doing that anymore…will people still read the blog? I know that many friends and family will  be interested in what we are doing but others I am afraid this blog may be lost.

This above post was written and never posted, I had been so lost as what to do but as of yesterday I think we know our next direction.

We had an incident yesterday that completely pissed me off.

The back story. I made our winter reservations at Pecan Grove RV park in Austin back in May. They were made for Sept 13-December 31, the only thing we had to do is leave for a two week period during the music festival, Austin City Limits. No big deal.  If you recall, it was hard to get in here the first time. but we did it.  All reservations for this park are done on paper with a PENCIL, usually only 3 months in advance or so they say. No computers, no phone numbers, no credit cards, no confirmation  number…..nothing just a piece of paper and a pencil. While we were on the road Derek had to come back to Austin for a few days and physically walked into Pecan Grove to verify that we had reservations for September- December.  The man behind the counter said YES and Derek saw that paper calender with our name on it.

I walked in yesterday to pay rent for the week and to make sure we were set to leave on October 3 and for our return on October 15 after Austin City Limits Music Festival. The man fumbled with the paper calender for a bit and looked up and said sorry I don’t have your reservation.

“What do you mean you don’t have our reservation???????”

It was gone. It was erased. It was no longer there and that paper calender had every single day scratched on with some other persons name in PENCIL.  I looked up at him with a metaphoric tear in my eye and said “What are we suppose to do now?” I knew our days at Pecan Grove were coming to an end. They had erased us for a reason. You can tell me all day it wasn’t on purpose but I know it was. I had heard grumblings from other monthly neighbors that they would never let us stay here long term because we had a child.  I had others tell me that we would get a spot here….when our daughter is 18 years old. I always felt like were being judged for having a kid. We were told from the beginning that it was not a “child friendly” park. Like our daughter was some type of aggressive dog breed that no one wanted to be around.  “NO PITS AND NO KIDS” is what the sign should read on the door.

Derek tried to go back into the office and find out what had happened. But it was to late.  We knew we were leaving no matter what they said, It was time for us to move on. I know that everyone loves this  park. The location is wonderful the residents are amazing but something is going on in that office. The managers are leaving at the end of the year which has me thinking that maybe this park is in its last few months/year. Every single square inch of property outside of the park is being developed and there have been rumors for years that this place will be bought and turned into condos, much like the fate of the other RV park that was down the street.

Derek walked back into the RV and announced get your shoes on we are going to go check out a new RV park, Lonestar RV Park.  Luckily for us they were able to accommodate us in the next couple of weeks while we figure out a more permanent situation. Did I mention they have a pool, and not 1 but 2 playground areas oh and some of our friends are there now with their 3 daughters. And they have cabins for rent, so if we have family coming in for the holidays,  they could stay in the cabins and not be right on top of us. (Hint, Hint Grandparents) The downside is we are not going to be in that fabulous location and Derek’s commute to work will be about 5 miles longer.  However, at Pecan Grove we were paying for location and nothing else. So now we will have more amenities at half the price.

This will  help us save up for our next dream.

Land for a tiny house community. Land for a mountain bike trail. Land to build an urban camping experience. Land for a shipping container community. Look…we all can dream, right?

So the direction of the blog is still up in the air but our direction has shifted to a more sustainable community living project. Maybe there are more people out there that want to join a tiny community revolution. I feel like RV nomads and tiny house dwellers might be cut  from the same cloth.

Road Map to Nomad and Nomad to Tiny House Dweller is to long of a website name, right? Until next blog I hope that you stick around to follow our next dream.


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