KonMaring this RV

Have you heard of this little book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” or the KonMari method? I have had the book on my iphone for a least a year. Thinking that I didn’t need to declutter, because we have purged so many times. There is no way I need to use “that” process to tidy up my space.

Fast forward to this week. I am not feeling well, the baby is sick or snotty or teething or something, we are in Billings and I am desperately missing the mountains of west Montana. So I decided that I should read the book during our down time, to see what all the fuss is about. I am on a few KM Facebook groups and they all talk about “sparking the joy.” I look around and my space hasn’t been sparking joy lately. Maybe it is because I spent so much time outside the last two months, that I haven’t noticed lately all the clutter that is happening around me.

So I read the book. In one day. And I have to say….I am ready to start this process.

Information below is from the Facebook group KonMari Adventures.

So what should you do before you “start” Kommari journey, more or less in order

  1. Read the book.  The whole thing.  This is very important. CHECK.
  2. Do the mental work MK suggests to envision your home and your life after the process.  This too is really important. CHECK.
  3. Take a ton of “before” pictures – closets, drawers, rooms, walls, floors, anywhere there is something besides a rug or paint.  This is not a requirement of MK, but you’ll be so glad for these pics as you get into your journey – trust me! CHECK.

Catching up on laundry tomorrow, so I can start this process.