Our first major hiccup…in the first 3 hours.

On our way to Kansas on Saturday, we had our first hiccup. Our kitchen slide is over our rear RV wheels. Some where between Austin and Fort Worth, some very important cables fell onto our wheels. The friction from the traveling wheels severed three different cables. When Derek pulls over to get gas, he often takes a quick walk around the RV. Good thing he did, because one of the cables that was severed was the propane line. Propane was leaking…..so Derek quickly turned off our propane line. A truck driver helped us out by giving this super industrial zip ties to tie up the cables.


We made our way further down the highway and found a CampingWorld with a service area. We showed up at 12:55pm and guess what time the service area closes?

Yep, 1pm.

The service manager said they couldn’t get us in until Monday to look at it. They offered us a place to stay in the back if we wanted. On the concrete jungle. Nope.

“I will tip someone $20 to come look at our RV real quick and just let us know what you think we need to do, since you are the expert”

Done. Service tech walked out to the RV and gave us his assessment of the situation. To get it fixed we needed a new propane line, 110v flex electrical cable for the slide and all that would take 12 hours of labor It would cost us roughly $1000 for the repair. Plus, our kitchen would be useless until it was fixed. No stove, no burners and no fridge. Plus the kitchen slide could not be put out. Ugghhhhh.

We made the decision to move on down the road to Wichita, where we had more support and places to stay if the RV was unlivable. I called an RV repair place in Wichita and the earliest they could see us was June 15. Not going to work.

So parked the RV in Wichita, packed up a few things and stayed with my dad last night, since we were not sure how much damage was caused by the propane line touching the tire. Derek got up super early to head to the RV to work on the slide out and the important cables.

As he was working on these important cables our neighbor at the RV park, stopped to check to see what Derek was doing. Derek explained to him about having to at least fix and replace the propane line and the 110v electrical line. Not really knowing what else was needed at that point. The guy paused and said “well this is your lucky day.” Turns out he works for a local HVAC company! Pointed to his truck and said he had parts too!

Derek and him knocked out the project in 5 hours! And it only cost $5, because he had all the parts we freakin needed. The kitchen slide works, our refrigerator works, lights work and microwave works! The propane line still needs one more part but we hope to get that in later this week, which will cost an additional $40.

We repaid our neighbors by grilling them a nice filet and making them dinner that we all enjoyed together. People are amazing and I love our RV community, always willing to help.

We are parked in Wichita for the rest of the week. Next stop: Golden, Colorado.

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